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Simple Solutions to Common Landscaping Issues

There's one in every neighborhood - the house with the bright green grass, perfectly trimmed shrubs and flowers in full bloom. As you look at your own lawn, plagued with weeds and sparse patches, you wonder how your neighbor is able to achieve such a beautiful outdoor space. The secret isn't in how much time...
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Deer Resistant Plants

When landscaping  lawns, residents and businesses typically ask about deer resistant plants and ground cover. The pesky whitetail deer are nearly everywhere in New Braunfels, from downtown to the outlying subdivisions. (more…)...
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A Guide to The Best Organic Garden Fertilizer

At some point in tending your garden, you may want to apply some fertilizer to help boost the growth and quality of your vegetables and plants. If you want to stay away from harmful chemicals, it's best to use the best organic fertilizer for this very purpose. Read more

How Do I Grow Organic Nuts?

There is something very special about imagining how to grow organic nuts - picking your nuts straight from the tree, cracking open their softer shells and eating the delicious, succulent nut inside. (more…)...
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Diy Garden Project – How To Clean Garden Decking

Installing garden decking boards represents a financial investment which can help increase the value of your home. Care and maintenance are essential to keep the garden decking in prestige condition. There is also an important safety aspect to keeping your garden decking clean as it will prevent the surface from becoming a slippery over time....
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