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Useful information about the insects in your garden, what they are, what they look like, the best way to combat slugs, all natural insect repellants, beneficial insects, control powdery mildew as well as a listing of toxic plants.

Got Mildew? Get Milk!

Less than 3 years ago, researchers in South America discovered a new alternative to controlling powdery mildew. Wagner Bettiol, a scientist from Brazil, found that weekly sprays of milk controlled powdery mildew in zucchini just as effectively as synthetic fungicides such as fenarimol or benomyl. Not only was milk found to be effective at controlling...
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Controlling Whitefly Naturally

The warm temperatures of the summer bring on a rush of new foliage growth, attracting a wide variety of pests. Whitefly, one of the most difficult pests to control, pose a special challenge to gardeners. (more…)...
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Beneficial Insects

We need insects to make our gardens beautiful and healthy. We need them for food for certain species who then in turn pollinate our plants. Insects provide food for fish, birds and some mammals as well as domestic birds such as chickens and turkeys. It is interesting to note that insects provide well over 20...
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Entomology – Pest Control

Not all insects are created equal. Did you know that ants farm aphids for their honeydew. Those sweet little lady bugs actually eat other insects. We need all insects to make our gardens beautiful and healthy, we shouldn't strive to eliminate them just learn how to control them. Read more

Understanding Weeds – How to Kill them?

When I was a child, I loved to pick Dandelions. The pretty yellow flowers were small, colorful, and looked nice tucked behind my ear! However, if one had popped up in the front yard, my hair accessory would have been considered an atrocity! (more…)...
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Controlling Lawn Grubs Organically

Beetle grubs can turn a fine looking lawn into a patchwork quilt of yellow spots. But before you reach for the insecticide bottle, there are a number of organic alternatives that will help you cope with the grubs without poisoning yourself or your family. (more…)...
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