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Top 10 Environmental Benefits of a Natural Lawn


Faced with a brown lawn during summer dry spells and winter, when lawns naturally go dormant, some homeowners have made the switch to synthetic turf. However, before considering this expense, take into account the many benefits that a natural green space provides:

Water Efficient Gardening – Xeriscaping


Step 1 – Soil Preparation

Before you begin to plant, be sure to prepare the soil to provide nutrients and moisture in order for the plants to thrive.

Koi Pond and Waterfall


Top 21 Most Asked Questions Answered.

Five Spring Fertilising Tips


Springtime is fertilising time for many homeowners. Or should we say, ‘lawn feeding’ time? Regardless of the term you use, fertilising your lawn at the start of the growing season could be very helpful in maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn all year long. Fertiliser helps your grass rebound from a rough winter and build up strength for the dry and hot summer months.

Planning Your Edible Landscape


Edible landscaping is the process of planting edible plants in a landscape, rather than in a traditional garden. There are two major benefits to edible landscaping. First of all, edible landscapes save space, because they combine landscaping and food-growing into a single space.

Conquering Spring Weeds


As much as we love Don Henley’s classic The Boys of Summer, we despise the weeds of spring. And, much like the venerated baseball groundskeeper, we strive to rid our lush green grass of every annoying, irritating, infuriating weed. Sometimes it seems like a losing battle, but professional lawn management companies have some secret tips and tricks to share. With a little diligence, you can use these strategies and overcome those pesky weeds in no time.

How to Remove Stumps from Your Yard


Depending on the species, planting a tree can be a surprisingly pain-free process. With a little care taken to provide nutrients through fungi and watering, it’s easy to stimulate rapid growth for the coming year. It can therefore be frustrating to deal with the often difficult challenge of entirely removing a tree. Whether the tree is strangling your other plant systems with overly vigorous growth, too diseased to save, or simply needs to go in order to make space, it’s worth bearing these removal tips in mind.

Plants with Red Leaves


Flowers come in every color of the rainbow, but plants not so much. Most plants are green, green as grass, emerald green, light green, yellow green. If you’re looking for something outside the ordinary green, track down crimson plants. Whether you’re looking for trees, bushes or just a pop of red for this season from annuals, there’s a red plant just right for you.

The Herbalist’s Perfect Lawn


It’s a discussion that has occurred on a regular basis in our household. What constitutes a weed? Is it any plant that is growing where it doesn’t belong or is it a plant that has little to no useful value. You can probably guess which side I’m on.

Fire Resistant Landscaping


No one disputes that the wildfires are a major risk each summer. Sprawl development around big cities and second home projects in scenic areas have pushed more homes into the “wildlife urban interface,” where uncontrolled fires ignite houses and put both residents and firefighters at risk.