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Secret for Growing Lots of Healthy Tomatoes

How Rowena Knows How to Use Marigolds

I was born in Bunkie, Louisiana in 1951 to a strong woman named Rowena. My mother was very knowledgeable about plants because she was born (1923) and raised on a farm in Mansura, Louisiana. In fact, she lived with her parents and older siblings a couple of miles outside...
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What You Can Do to Control Purple Loosestrife

Do you know Purple Loosestrife was first originated in Europe and Asia, however this fast-growing plant was brought to North America during 1800s by garden settlers? The pace with which it grows can prove to be detrimental to a large variety of fish species, wildlife and native plant habitat. This plant grows quite easily if...
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Pigweed – A Great Garden Partner, Not A Pest

While dedicated gardeners are madly yanking the noxious pigweed juvenile plants from their gardens in mid-May, savvy harvesters are savouring the wonderful greens that they will enjoy on the dinner plate when this tender young amaranth is boiled and served with butter and parsley. Read more

Daisies – Flowers That Heal

Daisies are loved because of their simplicity and their lively colors. Their Latin name is Bellis parennis, which stands for "pretty", and "everlasting", respectively. Moreover, the name "daisy" is thought to be a modification of "day's eye", as they close their petals at night, and open them in the morning. They have been grown in...
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Growing Organic Basil

Growing organic basil (pronounced bay-zul) is both easy and rewarding. We use it as a fresh herb all summer in various dishes, especially Asian and Italian cuisine. Sweet basil is typically the most common variety you'll find if you're planning on growing organic basil. Tropical areas in India and Asia have been growing basil for...
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Organic in the Garden – Low Allergy Annuals

Annuals are mainly grown for their flowers as garden colour or cut flowers. Pollen from flowers is a major allergen so if you suffer from an allergy like hay fever it is wise to consider looking for low or no allergen flowering plants for your garden. Read more

Grape Planting Insights

The first step in grape planting involves assessing the climate and soil composition of your property. Then comes selection of the cultivars most suited to your location's prevailing conditions. After all the initial preparations, you are now finally going to do some real grape planting. How very exciting! I hope the information here will help...
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July in the Vegetable Garden

July is the month when you can really start to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the vegetable garden. Many crops are ready to harvest including potatoes, salad crops, beans and peas. However, in-between the joyous task of harvesting and eating your own home-grown produce there is still a great deal to be getting...
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