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Growing Organic Basil

Growing organic basil (pronounced bay-zul) is both easy and rewarding. We use it as a fresh herb all summer in various dishes, especially Asian and Italian cuisine. Sweet basil is typically the most common variety you'll find if you're planning on growing organic basil. Tropical areas in India and Asia have been growing basil for...
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Organic in the Garden – Low Allergy Annuals

Annuals are mainly grown for their flowers as garden colour or cut flowers. Pollen from flowers is a major allergen so if you suffer from an allergy like hay fever it is wise to consider looking for low or no allergen flowering plants for your garden. Read more

Grape Planting Insights

The first step in grape planting involves assessing the climate and soil composition of your property. Then comes selection of the cultivars most suited to your location's prevailing conditions. After all the initial preparations, you are now finally going to do some real grape planting. How very exciting! I hope the information here will help...
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July in The Flower Garden

Mid summer in the garden is the time when you can take some time to relax and admire the fruits of the your labour. The flower borders are in full bloom and the garden is buzzing with life. However, even in the smallest garden there is still plenty to do, from making sure containers and...
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Five House Plants to Grow in a Sunny Position

More and more people are discovering that growing indoor plants is a very satisfying and rewarding hobby. And because the homes in which we now live are lighter, warmer and more or less draught free, than they used to be, there is less chance of your plants suffering from dramatic changes in temperature throughout the...
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How to Conquer Gardening Pain

The long, sunny days of summer are returning, and that means it's time to dust off those gardening tools. But if you experience long-lasting body pain, yard work might be easier said than done. (more…)...
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Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Care Tips

Color variety consists of white, pinks, lavender and yellow both in solid colors and blends of stripes and spots. Bold color designs are starting to show up also. Phalaenopsis flowers provide both exotic variety and excellent longevity. Individual flowers can be as durable as 3-4 months. Flowers open up sequentially at 2-5 day intervals along...
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