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Summer Pruning: Pinch an Inch

Like most people who grow deciduous fruit trees (apples, peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, etc.) I used to do lots of serious heavy pruning every winter. Each winter I would head back dozens of those long, tall canes that had grown the year before. On some trees, plums in particular, each year I'd often find myself...
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Wildflower Seeds

Native wildflowers are those that were growing naturally in the landscape before the first settlers arrived from Europe. Ever since that time more and more plants have been introduced from around the world with very mixed results. (more…)...
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Live on What You Produce

While you endure these cold winter months why not plan for a really great garden next spring. Maybe even one that could provide some income in addition to the food you eat yourselves! Does anyone have children who need responsibility - and spending money? (more…)...
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