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The Organic Way to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles


Japanese Beetles can wreak havoc on a garden. They can and will eat away at roses, fruits and other vegetation if the problem is not taken care of quickly. For those who want to refrain from using harsh chemicals to combat the infestation, there are a few organic ways to get rid of Japanese Beetles.

Pro and Cons of Vinegar As a Weed Killer


There are a variety of weed control solutions that can get rid of weeds naturally. This is certain to help the gardener that prefers to avoid using chemical-based pesticides. A common organic alternative is vinegar. It is very effective at killing weeds due to the acetic acid ingredient in vinegar. Regular household vinegar contains acetic acid at 5% which is enough to control the outbreak of most types of garden weeds.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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Catch one of the bugs and examine it closely. If this proves to be a challenge, hang some fly paper for an hour or so to capture a few of the little buggers. Common household fruit flies (aka Drosophila) grow to a maximum size of 1/8th inch (3mm) long and typically have brownish or yellowish bodies and red eyes.

Pest Control for Indoor Gardens


When you practice indoor gardening, one of the issues that can diminish the fun is the number and ferocity of insect pests that can wreak havoc with your plants. There are, however, several indoor gardening supplies that can be used to control various pests from damaging your indoor crops, and will thus increase your plants’ yields. Indoor gardening supplies can include such pest control products as powder sulfur and spider mite control, to name a few.

Five Plants that Repel Mosquitos


As the outdoor season approaches, many homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts look to ways of coping with mosquitoes. With all the publicity about the West Nile virus, mosquito repelling products are gaining in popularity. But many commercial insect repellents contain from 5% to 25% DEET. There are concerns about the potential toxic effects of DEET, especially when used by children.

Safe Slug Removal

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I just finished reading your article about slug control and thought I’d pass this tidbit along.

Neem Oil – A Valuable Pesticide and Insecticide


Organic Farming is one of the fields of concern today. Farming using Eco-friendly products for the growth of crops is meant as Organic Farming. Use of pesticides to prevent insects in the fields has been a practice from ancient times. However, it has also been a matter of concern for the farmers as it can reduce the infertility of the soil and damages the crops. Before few decades, pesticides used in the farms are chemically prepared and contains unfavorable constituents for both soil and plants leading heavy loss for the farmers.

Garden Detective: Clues to Determine and Deter Unwanted Animals in Your Yard and Garden

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Holmes and Watson, Riggs and Murtaugh, Starsky and Hutch – when it comes to sleuthing out just what critter is munching on your spring garden, you may feel like your partnership with Mother Nature is as contentious as any that ever graced the big, or small screen. After all, how are you supposed to fight the “crime” of a decimated garden if you can’t identify the suspect who’s been devouring your daylilies?

Property-Created Natural and Organic Tomato Pesticide


Increasing natural and organic tomatoes in your private yard requires preparing. It is ideal to have an emergency plan for pest attacks as a result of awareness of healthy and protected procedures that you can use. It is also important to fully grasp the theory of stopping ailments and insects even before they strike.

How to Diagnose Soil Problems with Weeds

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In nature, different plant species grow in different locations depending on the conditions that suit them best. Plants conditioned to survive and thrive in dry climates will naturally occur in dry soils, and likewise for plants accustomed to damp soils, alkaline soils, acidic soils, and more.

The Stinky Truth About a Common Pest

Stink bug eating leaf

Warmer, longer days, flowers blooming, birds chirping and the onset of the garden season are all glorious signs that cold weather is behind us. And, while taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Mother Nature at work is refreshing, the good does bring a few, less-than-ideal issues – a major one being stink bugs.

Natural Insecticides and Fertilizers


Summer is finally here, time to enjoy the garden, relaxing while the kids and pets run around the yard. Till its time to do some actual yard work of course. I was planning to fertilize the lawn this weekend and do something about those aphids on the roses so went to my local superstore. As always they had a wide range at the best prices. But everything had warnings on it, even something as simple as potting soil warned to use gloves when handling. When did gardening become so dangerous?

Pest Control at the Hummingbird Feeder

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Four-Legged Critters

The most common complaints I hear are about the neighborhood squirrel population. Though not predators, squirrels are devastating to a feeder and will knock down and chew up whatever they can get their paws on. As bad, or worse, in our area are the raccoons that slip right up to the house at night. Anyone who has had seed feeders knows the continuing battle to defeat the squirrel. Tall slick poles, barriers, repellents, and B-B guns are all effective – sometimes and for a little while.

Tips to make Natural Mosquito Repellent

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A very common insect in the family is a Mosquito which is famous for spreading dispersal of many diseases like malaria, fever and other contagious diseases.

Blueberry Weed Management Between Rows and in Rows

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Thus cultivation between rows to control weeds by using sodded middles between rows is a good practice.