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November in The Vegetable Garden


November in the vegetable garden and winter is beginning to take hold. Beds that were filled with late season produce are now laid bare, stems of runner beans have died off twisted around their supports and the greenhouse is all but emptied. However, there will be a few winter crops growing strong. Winter brassicas such as kale and Brussels sprouts and beds of winter lettuce will provide a welcome taste of home produce during the winter months. There are still jobs to be done in even the smallest vegetable garden, there are some early varieties of spring crops to be sown and plenty of tidying to be done. So before you wrap up and head outside take a moment to read through this short list of essential jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during November.

Jobs to Do in the Garden During September


September can be a rather frustrating month for the gardener. Summer flowering perennials and annuals are beginning to go over and the garden can on the whole look a little sad. However, now is not the time to dwell on the fading days of summer, but to turn your mind to autumn and tidying up the garden in preparation for winter. Here a just a few of the jobs you can be getting on with in your garden during September.

June in the Vegetable Garden


June is the month when the summer season really gets underway. Many of the vegetables you have grown from seed can now be planted out. The first potatoes are almost ready to lift and the herb garden is bursting with scent. Even in the smallest vegetable garden there is always plenty to do at this time of year. From pinching out the tips of runner beans to planting out tender vegetables like aubergines. So before you head out into your vegetable garden remind yourself of some of the more vital jobs that need to be done in the vegetable garden during the month of June.

Jobs to Do in The Garden During April


April is the month when the blossom really comes into its own. From the whites and pinks of flowering cherries and fruit trees, to the snowy coverings on hedgerows, all make their mark with a show of colour. The blackbird is singing, the nights are drawing out and the sun is beginning to have some real warmth in its rays. Warm sunny days really make you believe that the promise of summer is just around the corner.

April in The Flower Garden


Even in the smallest garden, April is the month when the growing season really begins to gather pace. Flower beds start to fill out with the bushy new shoots of herbaceous plants and leaves once again begin cover the branches of trees. With such fecundity its easy to let things slip out of control in the garden and before you know it you will realise there are a number of jobs you should have done and now it’s too late. So before you venture outside take a quick reminder from this list of vital jobs to be done in the flower garden during April.

Plants for April


April and spring is well underway. Renewed warmth in the sun means there is a wealth of choice of plants for your garden. Here are a few of my favourites, along with varieties and how to care for them.

March in The Vegetable Garden


Even the smallest vegetable garden can be high maintenance and with March heralding the start of the new growing season, there is plenty to be getting on with. Here is a quick list of vital jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during March.

Plants for March


March in the garden and spring is beginning to get underway. This means that adding colour to the garden becomes a lot easier. From spring bulbs to shrubs and perennials here are some ideas on what to plant in March.

Plants for February


It may be cold outside and the garden a little bleak but there are still some stunning plants to be had that will really give your garden a lift at this time of year. From early bulbs to flowering shrubs, here is a short list of some of the very best.

February in the Flower Garden


In even the smallest garden its best to get ahead of the game during February and get on with jobs that will save you time once spring really gets underway. It is easy come April to realise that you should have pruned your roses in February. So here is a quick list of vital jobs to be getting on with in the flower garden during February to help you make sure you haven’t missed anything.

February in The Vegetable Garden


There is always plenty of jobs to do even in the smallest vegetable garden as there is no denying that growing fruit and vegetables is high maintenance. So, with more to do there is always more to forget. Plan ahead by getting on top of those jobs that can be done early in the year. Here is a short list of vital jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during February.

January Jobs in The Flower Garden


There’s always plenty to do even in the smallest of gardens and mid-winter is no exception. There are essential jobs that need to be done now in the flower garden and those that will ensure that you are ahead of the game come the beginning of spring. So put on your hat and gloves and get out into the garden.

December Gardening Tips and Snips


During December there is an assorted array of colourful houseplants available such as Poinsettias, Cyclamen and Azaleas. Poinsettias offer a traditional Christmas feel to your room but require a little extra care to keep them looking good.

What to Get a Gardener for Christmas


If you are a gardener yourself I bet you can think of a thousand and one things you would like on your Christmas list. However, for non-gardeners, buying the perfect gift for the gardener in their life can be a daunting prospect often resulting in a useful if unimaginative garden centre voucher. So, if you have a garden related gift to buy this Christmas and you aren’t sure where to start, here a few ideas that are both practical and imaginative and also won’t break the bank!

A Holiday Tale: The Story Behind the Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pines for Costa Farms c/o Suzi McCoy, Garden Media

©Andrea Jones/ Garden Exposures Photo Library

The traditional holiday fir, the Norfolk Island Pine, has a back story worthy of a Hollywood movie. When you see these delicately shaped pines at your favorite retail store, you’re taking home a bit of nautical history.

A Holiday Classic: The Poinsettia


In addition to their role as traditional Christmas decorations, poinsettias can serve as tokens of goodwill, friendship, and joy during the holiday season and beyond. More than 50 million Americans will purchase a poinsettia plant this holiday season.

How to Re-bloom Poinsettia


The Poinsettia houseplant still holds first place as one of the most favored holiday flowers. The question that is most frequently asked: “How can I keep my Poinsettia through the entire year and have it re-bloom next season”? This is a precise procedure but if done well you will experience a sense of accomplishment and it is an excellent bragging point with your friends since it does involve some effort.

Winter Care of Trees and Shrubs: Prevent Cold Weather Damage


If you live in a cold-weather zone, you know that winter can be hard on garden plants. Here are tips for protecting your valuable woody plants.

November Brings Full Fall Gardening Schedule


With shorter fall days, it can be a challenge to find time to complete all that needs to be done in the garden before winter.

Gardeners and Gardens Enjoy Cool Fall Weather In October


October finally brings relief from summer heat, allowing both gardeners and gardens to enjoy a temperate climate for planting an array of cool season vegetables, trees and shrubs.

17 Essential Gardening Tasks for Summer

fdp_Simon Howden--ID-1007829

With June almost over, now is the time to prepare for the gardening tasks which face us this summer – and whilst you may think a lot of the hard work in terms of planting and preparation has already been done during Spring, you’ll be surprised at how much there is still to do in the summer.

Gardening in the First Week in December


Contrary to popular opinion, there is still plenty to do both outside, inside, and not forgetting the greenhouse at this bleak time of year, with short days and long, sometimes very cold, nights.

November in the Flower Garden


November in the garden and winter has really begun to creep in. This month is all about last chances and tidying in readiness for the cold months ahead. From cleaning out bird nesting boxes to raking up fallen leaves and removing dead foliage. However, there are still some planting jobs that can be done in preparation for next spring. So its well worth putting on some arm clothes and getting out in the garden when the weather permits. But before you do take a few moments to study this short reminder of some of the essential things you should be doing in the flower garden during November.

Plant Fall Flowers To Brighten Cool November


November in southern California usually ushers in cooler temperatures and possibly rain, which means gardeners can take a break from constant care and watering of plants and trees and instead focus on adding color and fall vegetables to their gardens.

Fall Lawn and Garden Preparation


Let’s talk about preparing your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden for winter, and how best to improve your soil during this time of year.

October in The Flower Garden


October and Autumn is making its presence known in the garden. Leaves are beginning to fall and the flower border is looking a bit sad. Tidying up and preparing for the winter ahead are the main tasks in the garden this month. However, there is also plenty to be done in preparation for next spring. So before you go out into the garden take a minute to check this short reminder of some of the essential things to be doing in the flower garden during October.

The Autumn Garden – Tips, Hints and Ideas


Autumn has arrived, the busy summer growing season is over and it is now time to start putting your garden to bed. This means there are still plenty of jobs to do before winter sets in and although by no means exhaustive, we hope the following list will provide you with some handy tips, hints and ideas of the jobs that ideally need to be started in your garden this autumn.

September in the Flower Garden


September is the month to start tidying up in the garden and preparing for both the winter ahead and also for the next year. As well as clearing away dying annuals and tidying spent perennials, there is also propagating to be done to ensure you have more of those plants you love for next year. So before you take your secateurs out into the garden take a moment or two to check this short reminder of some of the essential jobs to be doing in the flower garden during August.

September in the Vegetable Garden


Although there is still much to harvest in the vegetable garden, September is the month to start tidying up, prepare for the winter ahead and plan for next season. From planting for winter and spring vegetables to harvesting remaining crops, there is still plenty to do even in the smallest vegetable garden. So before you grab your trowel take a few minutes to check this short reminder of some of the essential things to be getting on with in the vegetable garden during September.

August in the Vegetable Garden


August and the summer is in full swing. By now you should be harvesting many of the fruit and vegetables you have worked hard to grow throughout the season and enjoying the unique taste of fresh salad crops, potatoes, tomatoes, peas and beans homegrown. However, in-between enjoying the fruits of your labour there is still plenty to be doing in even the smallest vegetable garden. So take a minute to read through this short reminder of some of the vital jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during August.

August in the Flower Garden


August in the flower garden can be a bit of a challenge. Summer is well under way and many herbaceous plants have reached their optimum flowering peak. You could be forgiven for thinking that this month is a month of tidying up. However, with a bit of forward planning and some gentle encouragement you can design a planting scheme that will ensure that you have plants that flower well into the autumn as well as encouraging those earlier flowering ones to produce second flushes. So in-between relaxing and enjoying summer in your garden, take a moment to check this short reminder of things you should be doing in the flower garden during August.

July in the Vegetable Garden


July is the month when you can really start to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the vegetable garden. Many crops are ready to harvest including potatoes, salad crops, beans and peas. However, in-between the joyous task of harvesting and eating your own home-grown produce there is still a great deal to be getting on with to make sure you make the most of the warm summer months to produce a bumper crop of fruit and vegetables to last throughout the rest of the year. So before you venture out take a moment to check this short reminder of some of the vital jobs to be getting on with in the vegetable garden during June.

July in The Flower Garden


Mid summer in the garden is the time when you can take some time to relax and admire the fruits of the your labour. The flower borders are in full bloom and the garden is buzzing with life. However, even in the smallest garden there is still plenty to do, from making sure containers and borders are well watered to deadheading roses. So before you get too comfortable in your deckchair, read this short reminder of some of the vital jobs to be getting on with in the flower garden during July.

June in the Flower Garden


June in the garden and the season is in full swing. Even in the smallest garden there is plenty to do at this time of year. From transplanting seedlings you have raised in the greenhouse to cutting back early flowering plants to make way for colourful annuals. So before you put on your boots for a day in the garden, read this short reminder of some of the vital jobs to be doing in the flower garden during June.

May in the Vegetable Garden


Even if you only grow a few vegetables on a small plot you will be surprised at the tremendous pace of growth during the month of May. Everything begins to grow up at once and you will soon find things getting out of hand if you don’t keep on top of them. So, before you venture out, take stock and use this quick reminder of some of the vital jobs to be getting on with in the vegetable garden during the month of May.

Plants for May


Summer is finally on its way and the garden is beginning to burst with colour. Here are just a few of the plants you might like to choose to make your garden really stand out this month.

April in The Vegetable Garden


There is always something to do in the vegetable garden, even in the smallest patch. April is the month when the growing season really starts and its easy to lose track of the jobs you need to be doing. Keep ahead of yourself by using this quick reminder of some of the vital jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during April.

Gardening by The Phases of The Moon


An early winter walk with the dog this morning gave me a wonderful sight of a full moon, large and luminous in the early morning sky. It got me thinking about the superstition and folklore surrounding the practice of moon phase gardening. In recent years there has been renewed interest in gardening by the phases of the moon, particularly in vegetable growing. Although there is still no scientific proof that planting in this way really works, many people believe that it does and there are some common sense reasons why it should. Ancient farmers would have planned the growing year on their land by the weather and the moon’s cycle would have helped them in this.

Spring Herbs – Uses for The First Plants of The Season


As of February 26th, my parents had six feet of snow stacked up on either side of their front walk. The forecast called for snow to continue to fall through March 5th. They are ready for winter to be over, as is a lot of this country.

January in the Vegetable Garden


There’s always plenty to do in even the smallest vegetable garden. There are some essential jobs to do in January as well as those that mean you will have a head start come the beginning of spring. Whether its getting ahead by planting early vegetables in the greenhouse or preparing the ground for this year’s crop, choose a dry bright day, wrap up and get out there.

Natural Festive Decorations


Maybe it’s because I’m a gardener, but personally, I love to bring a real Christmas tree into my home at Christmas time. The smell of pine as you brush past a real tree evokes the spirit of this special time of year. However, why stop at a real tree – there are many other garden plants traditionally brought in during Christmas that not only have traditional meaning but can also make your home look and feel really special. They remind us that while our gardens may look drab and dormant, there are still some vibrant and fragrant plants that can be brought indoors and enjoyed during the winter months.

Amaryllis Bulbs -The Secret to Getting Them to Re-bloom


Perhaps you received an amaryllis bulb as a gift for the holidays. No other interior flower can add such a volume of delightful color in a home during the long winters than the amaryllis. With so many colors to choose from – white, with streaks of red, various shades of red, orange,and yellow you will certainly want to take care of your plant to insure that it reblooms year after year. It’s not hard to do once you know the secrets.

Autumn Frosts – Which Plants Are Vulnerable and How to Protect Them


As a rule, the first widespread frosts occur in the UK around September time. Higher ground will tend to see frosts earlier than low-lying ground. A ground frost will damage only the most tender plants, but it is a warning that you need to be vigilant and take action to protect other plants.

The Garden in November


You could be forgiven for thinking the November is a time when the garden starts to shut down for winter and nothing much is going on. Look more carefully and you might be surprised. November is often thought of as the start of the gardening year, the month when traditionally trees and shrubs are planted. But for me, the glory of November lies in the colours. Leaves are turning on the trees and even the dead stems of perennials provide a striking backdrop against a riot of gold, bronze, reds and browns.

October in The Vegetable Garden


October and autumn has come to the vegetable garden. There are still some crops to harvest but the main tasks for this month are tidying and preparing for the winter ahead. However, even in the smallest vegetable garden there are still things you can do to prepare for next spring and also to ensure that you have some fresh homegrown vegetables to see you through the winter months. So before you venture outside take a moment to check this short reminder of some of the essential things to be doing in the vegetable garden during October.

Types of Fall Flowers


Flowers are simply wonderful. Whether as an outdoor ornament or an indoor decoration, you can never go wrong with having them around. We all know different flowers bloom at a specific time of the year, showing its beauty at the most perfect time. There is practically no shortage of different beautiful flowers that bloom all year long, may it be the cold harsh winters or the sizzling hot summers, flowers are always there to brighten the day. In this article we are going to discuss about the different types flowers that bloom during the fall or autumn season and some of the few examples will be mentioned as well. So without further ado, here are the different types of fall flowers for you.

Best Ways to Use Fall Leaves in Your Garden


Fall leaves are routinely bagged and left at the curb. This is a tragic waste of a valuable resource because fall leaves provide a good source of organic matter and nutrients.

Leaves contain 50 to 80 percent of the nutrients a plant extracts from the soil and air during the season, so if you can, use and recycle your leaves around your property rather than raking them up and throwing them away.

Below are a few methods of utilizing this treasure to better advantage.

Make a Cold Frame for Winter Gardening


A cold frame is an enclosed framework that allows you to grow garden crops in winter. The cold frame can be a simple three- or four-sided structure build of scrap wooden boards or concrete blocks that adjoin an existing structure. The four sided cold frame can be a free-standing structure.

A Touch of Colour for a Stunning Winter Garden


There’s a breathtaking beauty about winter and it’s foliage. With sparkling snow and ice draping over evergreens, nature has a way of making her gardens beautiful through every season, but in our cities and suburbs we let winter be the dullest of the seasons.

How to Help Your Garden Survive a Drought


For many American gardeners, 2012 has not been a kind year. Most of the Midwest is dealing with one of the worst droughts on record. And while the Midwest is bearing the brunt of the drought this year, other parts of the country have also been hit hard in recent years, and climate change may be making matters worse. Since a drought can strike any year, anywhere, it makes sense to come up with a sustainable plan for helping your garden survive through the driest summers.