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How to Grow Fresh Vegetables and Potatoes in Used Tires


If you have old car tires hanging around in the garage put them to work growing vegetables. Remove the center hub and just use the rubber tire itself. The tires make handy plant containers when set in the garden. They are also useful stacked. The tires will last quite a few seasons and can be used year after year.

6 Culinary and Medicinal Herbs for Small Containers


Herbs adapt very well to their environment, as do plants in general. Most culinary and medicinal herbs need plenty of sunlight, and well-drained soils, in addition to frequent watering. Most culinary herbs are resistant to pests, and are easy to grow even for beginner gardeners.

Grape Growing in Pots


Even if you have a small backyard, you can always have a grapevine which will supply your family’s fruit requirements if you will do grape growing in pots. Many people with limited home space or are living in urban areas do this kind of home gardening and are successful in doing so. The things you need are pots, vines, scissors and loam soil.

No Backyard? No Problem – The New Trend of Yardless Gardening

Mother and daughter picking vegetables

Backyard or back patio, it’s time to get planting, no matter where you live. The number of American households engaging in do-it-yourself lawn and garden activities rose by more than 3 million in recent years, the National Gardening Association’s National Garden 2012 Survey found. That can include you, even if you don’t have an actual yard.

Add Tasty Edible Plants to Your Landscape


Window boxes overflowing with blooms, decorative pots lining the driveway with striking colors, and even a flowering vine climbing up the mailbox – the growing season have arrived, and it is time to decorate the landscape.

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers


If you want to grow your own vegetables but don’t have much space for it, selecting vegetables that can be grown in containers can be your best bet. In this case, learning how to grow lettuce is one of the easiest way to do this. Lettuce are not much of a hassle to grow and it can be grown even in containers.

How to Start Gardening Container Strawberries


Just about anybody would love the taste of ripe and fresh strawberries. And the best one to have are those you’ve grown in your own garden. You can start gardening container strawberries and you don’t have to make that drive to the market just to buy some fresh ones.

Tips on Starting a Container Vegetable Garden


Starting a container vegetable garden is the best solution to a lack of space in your yard.

Potting Pointers for Summer Projects


The bulbs are in the ground and your seedlings are sprouting. What’s next for “green-thumbers?” Summer repotting season, of course!

Popularity of Container Gardening Blooms


Container gardening is more popular than ever. According to research conducted by Dynamic Design, the average household today has 4.2 planters. And why not? Ideal for urban or rural lifestyles, container gardening offers more mobility and flexibility than traditional gardening. It can provide year-round satisfaction as well as the opportunity to bring the outdoors inside.

Balcony Tips: How to Easily Create an Above Ground Garden


Living in a condo or apartment shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying of the fresh tastes or heavenly scents of Spring and Summer. Even with the smallest of balconies, you can create a garden that suits your style – 25 floors high.

How to Choose a Pot and Planter


There are signs all around us that spring will soon be here. The song birds are returning, buds are starting to appear on the trees, and the sales ads at all the garden centers and home improvement stores are filled with pictures of lush, healthy plants in pots and planters.