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Elderberry – The Salutary Plant Used For Centuries


Let me share with you some extra healthy benefits and interesting facts about this small tree which we can plant and grow in our yards.

Herbal Fact Sheets: Elderberry


The Elderberry is a shrub, or sometimes a small tree, which was previously thought to have belonged to the honeysuckle family but has now been classified as a member of the Adoxaceae family. It is native to both, but more common in the North Hemisphere.

Flu Remedies

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Thousands of people get the flu every year. There is no one sure fire way to cure the symptoms of the flu however there are hundreds of different ways to get relief from the flu.

5 Herbal Remedies That Treat Eye Disorders and Diseases

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Five natural herbal remedies from Balkan that treat eye disorders and diseases such Diseases of the eye lids (blepharitis), Stye, Diseases of the lacrimal canal, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Tachoma.