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Ginger As an Herbal Remedy


Ginger is consumed whole as a delicacy, medicine, or spice. In India it available in many forms such as chutney, pickles, salad, murabba etc.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain and Joint Pain Treatment


Knee Pain is one of the most common joint pains that may be caused by overuse of the knee joint or injuries leading to torn ligaments or cartilages.

Honey and Ginger to Relieve Asthma


There are many different triggers and causes of asthma. And just as there are many triggers and causes, there are also many different remedies. Some of these asthma home remedies involve consuming different combinations of food ingredients. Two of the most beneficial ingredients are honey and ginger.

Let’s take a look at some concoctions with honey and with ginger.

Ginger Tea – The Health Benefits


Ginger has a long history of use, both as food and medicine. Dioscorides, when writing his medical book in 77 A.D. said of ginger that it “warms and softens the stomach.” The Romans first introduced it to Britain, but when they left, it fell into disuse. It made its way back during the Renaissance, when Queen Elizabeth I is credited with having gingerbread men made to distribute to children.

Flu Remedies

elderberries_Pauline Eccles_-_542452-flu

Thousands of people get the flu every year. There is no one sure fire way to cure the symptoms of the flu however there are hundreds of different ways to get relief from the flu.

Herbal Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is one out of several dozen illnesses, classified as autoimmune diseases… although it’s frequently treated alongside other painful conditions like arthritis, spondylosis (degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine), and rheumatism (a general term for medical problems affecting joints and connective tissues). Medications prescribed by doctors fall into the “arthritis treatment” category, since no pain medication has been approved for the specific treatment of fibromyalgia by the FDA. Herbal pain relief is another option.

Ginger – Benefits of Herbal Ginger Remedies


Ginger is a calming and soothing flavour with a touch of a bite to it that helps to keep you alert and calm. Ginger is commonly used to help an upset stomach, motion or travel sickness or general low-grade fevers. It is also excellent for nausea and for warming you up when you feel cold. Ginger is reputed to help ward off colds or improve your recovery time.

Arthritis Herbal Treatments


Arthritis is a debilitating and disabling medical condition which can affect any joints in the body causing them to become swollen, stiff, painful to move and even sore to the touch. Arthritis can affect people of all ages however it becomes increasingly common however symptoms of Arthritis or Arthritic increases with advancing years. Joints become stiffer, less mobile and they swell as Arthritis attacks white blood cells weakening the tissues and causing solid deposits to build up in the joints.

Medication-Free Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness


The moment you’ve dreamed about has arrived, and the pregnancy test reads “positive.” Congratulations! During the first months of your pregnancy you’ll probably experience joy, excitement and anticipation – and, unfortunately, morning sickness too.

Autoimmune Disorders and Holistic Healing Methods


“The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.” ~ Plato

Natural Herbal Remedies


As more and more people become disenchanted with traditional modern medicine, the notion of herbs for healing is gaining popularity.

18 Nutritional Remedies for Diarrhea


Diarrhea can exist alone or as a symptom of another underlying condition.

Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies for Mumps

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Mumps are infections caused in cheeks as a result there is swelling, pain, and inflammation in the cheeks.

Take Ginger When You Go On a Journey


Never forget to take ginger when you go on a journey, because the unremarkable thing can work wonders when you hurt.

Herbal Cure for Backache

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Backache can be caused by an accident or an injury to the spine. Backache is generally a gripping pain near the inward curve of the back above the base of the spine. Back problems affect all kinds of people, men as much as women and young as well as old.

Natural Cut and Scrapes Treatment and Herbal Treatment for Scrapes

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You hear a thump and then screaming from the room next door. It runs to find her three year old sitting on the floor, holding his forehead, while streams of blood down his face. We look at the cut and the blood seems to be emerging.

Top Health Benefits of Ginger


The health benefits of ginger are plentiful and it is often classed as a wonder spice with both medicinal and culinary upsides.

Bronchitis Causes and Natural Treatments for Pneumonia


Bronchitis is a condition defined as inflammation of the bronchi which results in persistent cough that produces considerable quantities of sputum.

Nutritional Remedies That May Aid Sinusitis

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Sinusitis is the blocking of the sinus passageways because of inflammation or excess mucus.

Home Remedies for Fever, Effective Natural Treatment


Elevation in body temperature is known as fever. This is a defense mechanism of our body against infection.

Herbs for Depression – Natural Antidepressants


Depression is a feeling of persistent sadness, involving feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. It involves not only mood but also feelings of being physically ill and not being able to think clearly.

Gas and Constipation Natural Remedies


Treat your gas problems with home remedies for gas made from natural ingredients

Fight Colds & Flu

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Boost Your Immune System with Healing Teas!

Fight Diabetes with Natural Remedies

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Traditionally, diabetes is viewed as a failure of the pancreas to release enough insulin for sugar metabolism.

Remedies for Hay Fever


Today we will be looking at some natural remedies for hay fever.

Use Effective Herbs to Reduce Depression Naturally


Depression is a common psychological disorder of the emotional balance of the person.

Herbal Remedies for Headache

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13 Remedies that Work Effectively

Treat Morning Sickness – Naturally!


Although it had long been considered the stuff of old wives tales and legend, using ginger as a remedy to treat morning sickness is rapidly earning a new respect.

Tinctures Made From Fresh Herbs


The principle behind making tinctures is to obtain the spiritual and physical quintessence of the plant. This is done by using the powers of ethyl alcohol to dissolve and preserve the herb you are using.

Eat These Hot Foods at the First Sign of a Cold


At the first sign of a cold, the first food most people turn to is chicken soup.

Memory Improvement


Improving one’s memory with herbs does essentially sound bizarre. Using herbs for memory improvement has long been practiced not only in the United States of America, but also in many other countries. Egyptians, American Indians, Orientals and Greeks have all practiced the herb therapy for enhancing mind.

Stress and Fatigue: Some Natural Remedies


Fatigue, sleep disturbance, stress and tension are the most common complaints in many doctor’s offices. In this article we will talk about the adrenal glands and their relation to stress and fatigue.

Toothache Remedies During Pregnancy


While you might try to ignore a toothache and hope it goes away you really need to have it checked out as most toothaches are due to tooth or jaw problems like dental cavity, cracked tooth, exposed tooth root, gum disease, jaw point diseases or spasm of the muscles used for chewing.

Aromatherapy for Common Ailments


Aromatherapy works in several ways to combat common ailments.

Arthritis and Aromatherapy


Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and is characterized by pain, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of movement and at a more serious stage deformity.

Natural Remedies for Abdominal Pain


Abdominal pain can be caused by many different things but today we are going to just jump right in and list off some of the most used and recommended natural remedies for abdominal pain there is.

Natural Herbal Remedies


The Institute for Vibrant Living natural health research dept. has released the following report on the use of natural herbs: