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Herbal ways to treat common ailments.

Treating Common Ailments without Using Antibiotics

A frightening amount of minor ailments are treated by prescribing antibiotics. While there is nothing wrong with using antibiotics for the "big heavies" in the world of disease, such as pneumonia and meningitis, and use of antibiotics saves lives around the world, they don't need to be dished out by the truckload for the slightest...
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Anti Inflammatory Spices

Have you ever noticed that whenever you get injured your body tends to swell up? Our body's natural reaction to various kinds of injuries or infections is swelling or redness of the infected part. This automatic response of our body is known as inflammation. There are basically two types of inflammation: Acute and Chronic. Acute...
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Poultices, Wraps and Rubs

Many injuries can be extremely painful. Fortunately, between modern medicine and a few practical home remedies, a lot of the pain can be mitigated. These remedies are simple to prepare and can bring a lot of relief. (more…)...
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Honey is The Best Antibiotic

New research supports the power of honey. Honey has reverse resistance to antibiotics. Honey always has a natural property which helps to heal the body. Honey has many properties such as hygroscopic, antibacterial and its source of antioxidants make it likely for the medical treatments. Honey has the ability to absorb and retain oxygen when...
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Poultice Recipe

A what? That might be your question when someone mentions the word, poultice. But an herbal poultice is nothing more than a thick, moist, warm herbal paste applied directly to the skin. (more…)...
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Plantain – The Band-Aid Plant

I have such wonderful childhood memories of playing with Plantain. When certain varieties of the plant are flowering (as they do for most of the summer), the stem can be folded around itself and engineered in such a way that you can pop the flower heads off and send them flying. Read more

The Do’s of First Aid for Bleeding

Before we move on to detailing the do's of first aid for bleeding we should highlight that although first aid is appropriate for external bleeding, if you judge the bleeding to be severe or if you suspect shock or internal bleeding get emergency help immediately. Read more