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How to treat common health conditions using natural remedies.

Fragrance Oils Vs. Essential Oils

Fragrance Oils Vs. Essential Oils: A Never Ending Debate

Fragrance verses essentials oils.... Natural verses synthetic... Differences in opinions on these subjects often lead to debates ranging from intriguing to downright brutal. So in the end, which is really the best for soap making and other bath and body products? Here are some common points and...
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Getting Started with Aromatherapy

Easy Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils

Beginning 'bona fide' aromatherapy, beyond burning a scented candle or soaking with a pleasing pre-packaged bath salt blend, can be a little daunting to many people. All those little bottles of pricey liquids, electric contraptions, and fancy-sounding blends - how does one actually use essential oils to improve their health,...
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