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How to treat common health conditions using natural remedies.

Burning Eyes

Herbs and Some Tips for Eye Care The two a lot of accepted causes of burns to the cornea, which sits over your iris and adherent like the clear on a watch, are sun acknowledgment and acquaintance with accepted domiciliary chemicals. The strangest could cause of corneal burns. This absurd chafe can appear if a woman...
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Detox is Not a New Concept: Did Our Ancestors Know Better?

Detox, a term previously used exclusively in connection with coming off alcohol, or "substances" withdrawal, has become the health buzzword of the 21st century. It's a favourite topic amongst the cognoscenti in the global alternative health community, where it is hailed as a major breakthrough in the human race's relentless quest for vibrant health, fitness,...
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What is a Sitz Bath?

What is a Sitz Bath A sitz bath is a small bathtub designed mainly to allow someone suffering from hemorrhoids to soak them in water without having to take a full bath. Sitz derives from the German word sitzen, which means to sit. (more…)...
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Color Therapy History

The history of color therapy is very ancient. This system of therapy was prevalent not only in India but also in Egypt, China, Greece and Persia. Even the Vedas and Jain scriptures have mentioned the significance of colors. (more…)...
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Old Folk-Home Remedies to Relieve Arthritis and Rheumatism

Arthritis, one of the oldest disease known to mankind, is the inflammation of one or more joints. It occurs in all races at all times. Decline in joint function generally begins at age 30. No one really knows the exact cause of this painful and disabling disease. However, there are two theories: Read more

Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is often caused by viruses, parasites and bacteria. Diarrhea can lead your body to dehydration and can be a serious condition if it is left untreated. See your doctor if the diarrhea persists more than a few days and make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated. Read more

What is Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is a system of soft tissue massage techniques that were developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Stanley Lief in England. Neuromuscular therapy aims to balance the central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system correct any disorders brought about as a result of any imbalances between the two. Neuromuscular therapy enhances the function of...
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