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What to Do About Menopausal Belly Fat?


During menopause, there is a distinctive reduction in estrogen and an advanced rise in testosterone. This heightened testosterone level results in an escalation of visceral fat, which most know as belly fat. Menopausal related belly fat is something that cannot be naturally prevented. However, if you eat a nutritious diet and include daily exercises as well try to reduce your stress, you can slow down the progress of belly fat, which can result in diabetes and heart disease.

Hot Flash Natural Treatment – Discovered With Good Old Fashion Apple Cider Vinegar


I have to admit in doing my research on Apple Cider Vinegar I am discovering all sorts of outstanding reports and feedback to support its use as a hot flash natural treatment.

Night Sweats and Chinese Herbs


Night Sweats are a common Menopause Symptom. Many Menopausal women experience Sweating with their Hot Flashes throughout the day. When it happens at night, though, it’s a problem in itself. It can mean ruined sleep. Women typically wake up at 2-3 in the morning, soaked and burning. What a Drag!

How to Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding


Every minute of the day menopausal women are heating up, and by this, I mean hot flashes. Hormone treatments have so many side effects; you would think that there would be a better way. Well there is. In fact, you can control your menopause symptoms with a vegetarian diet.

Change of Life Symptoms and Natural Hormone Supplements


First and foremost let me explain the different stages of menopause and what change of life symptoms can be expected with each stage.

For Fast Relief Use An Herbal Remedy For Hot Flashes


Not everyone is keen on using chemicals and other man-made substances to treat the symptoms of menopause.

Seven Tips For Coping With Hot Flashes


What do you do when you suffer hot flashes? Ask most women and they will agree that the most common and irritable symptom of menopause are hot flashes. Some women refer to it as a “flash” because women report a flushed feeling about the face and neck. Those feeling usually came together with sweats.

Menopause You Can Live With


Menopause is a natural step in a woman’s life cycle. Yet several body changes occur during menopause that can pose problems for women. Fortunately, lifestyle choices can help women diminish these common concerns, like weight gain and hot flashes.

The Ayurveda Approach to Menopause


The Ayurveda Approach to Menopause: Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy