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How to Cope with Suicide, Shock, Death, or Natural Disasters


There are three things that make a huge difference to your long-term survival and health after hearing or experiencing shocking news.

Healing Emotional Pain


How do you cope with the emotional numbing shock wave or pain of divorce or the loss of a loved one? Is it possible to heal from this devastating, life altering experience? When someone doesn’t like you or approve of you, how do you react? How do you handle being rejected? Or betrayed? When someone you loved doesn’t want you around, how do you cope?

Serotonin Foods


Serotonin foods are believed to boost serotonin levels in your brain and can simply make you feel happier. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter- a natural chemical in your body that provides a chemical connection between the neurons of the brain. A neurotransmitter helps different parts of your brain communicate with each other. It affects your mood and way of thinking significantly, regulates sleep, reduces pain and appetite, generally calms you down and improves your mood.

Tips on How to Care for Someone with Dementia


Dementia is part of the aging process. It is caused by destroyed or damaged brain cells called neurons. Dementia is a progressive disease that involves several stages. In the first stage, the person will start being forgetful and confused. They will find it difficult to remember recent events and happenings. The second stage is more advanced and is characterised by problems such as failure to recognise family members, friends and relatives. During this stage, the person will require a lot of assistance and will be more dependent on the caretaker. It is important to note that, a person in this stage can be very hard to deal with and you will need to exercise a lot of patience in dealing with the person. Here are some tips on how to care for someone with dementia.

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Your Mind as Sharp as a Tack – Whatever Your Age


Brain health shouldn’t be something you first start thinking about in middle- or old-age. Just as you need to exercise your body throughout life to keep it healthy so too does your brain require a daily workout to keep it vital and alert.

Herbal Remedy to Improve Memory Power of Your Brain


Brain, the CPU of your body is the control organ for all your body activities. Memory power of brain varies from person to person and from time to time depending on vivid parameters like disease and aging. Now let’s see some of the herbal remedies to improve memory power of brain.

Memory Enhancing Foods – Diet That Improves Memory

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Memory is an activity which is related to our mind. In this activity there is recalling of information that you have experienced or learned.

5 Ways to Improve Your Concentration and Memory


If you are wondering how to increase your concentration and memory, you’re not alone. Several million of people all over the world are under a constant lookout for an answer to this question.

10 Best Audio Books to Improve Your Mind

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It’s indeed incredible that not many people pay a great deal of attention to what gets into their minds. You see, the mind is the single most important factor in determining who you are and what you do as an individual.

Boost Memory with Chinese Club Moss and Huperzine A


Chinese club moss goes by the name Huperzia serrata, and gives its name to the sesquiterpene alkaloid it contains: huperzine A. This alkaloid has been found to be a superstar in the arena of brain-saving treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and age-related senility.

The Benefits of Blueberry Tea

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It is not the least bit surprising that tea has become one of the most popularly consumed beverages in the world. In whichever form of tea—may it be loose, in teabags or extracted from fruits and other herbal products—tea is gaining popularity in all corners of the world.

Health Benefits of Blueberries – Exactly What You Need Understand

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The berry family is one of the healthiest natural food choices on the globe. They are abundant with antioxidants that help stop the continuing development of disease and protect against free radicals that cause cancers and also other degenerative diseases.

Alzheimer’s Disease Natural Treatments


Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder, which clinically manifests itself as progressive mental deterioration, loss of memory and cognitive functions.

The Complete Brain Nutrition Guide


Improving your brain can be compared to improving your physical appearance.

Miraculous Benefits of Rosemary

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Rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis is a herb used in medicine for thousands of years. The name rosemary comes from the color of the flower, a beautiful blue: “ros” means dew, rosemary – dew Navy.

Developing The Tranquil Mind


One of the secrets of life is to keep a tranquil mind. Be at peace, whatever is happening outside. The most successful negotiators are those who can keep a quiet mind. The most able problem solvers can keep a peaceful, unruffled, calm mind.

Diets Decorated with Color May Help Prevent Disease


(ARA) – Have you heard the Irish myth that says at the end of every rainbow lies a pot of gold? Although there may be no truth to tales of little green leprechauns, there may still be value in chasing rainbows, at least when it comes to what you eat.

Stress Got You Down? Put Sleep at the Top of Your To-Do List


Advice for stress-free days, sleep-filled nights

Memory Improvement


Improving one’s memory with herbs does essentially sound bizarre. Using herbs for memory improvement has long been practiced not only in the United States of America, but also in many other countries. Egyptians, American Indians, Orientals and Greeks have all practiced the herb therapy for enhancing mind.

Brain Research Shows: Diet and Exercise are Keys to Living Well


An old adage says that aging is a state of mind, but new research is beginning to prove it. As brain research advances, experts are finding that some of the physical and mental changes normally associated with aging may not actually be normal at all, but instead, the result of treatable and preventable health conditions. In fact, by some estimates, only 30 percent of physical aging can be traced to our genes. The rest is up to each individual.

Being Sensitive in an Insensitive World


All your life you thought something was wrong with you. You were uncomfortable around noise. No one understood your need to be alone. You seem to know things without being told. The good news is that you are not dysfunctional. You are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Increasing Your Brain Power


Does your brain need a boost? Do you feel sluggish, or perhaps have a hard time concentrating? Is your memory failing you?

Tips to Help You Survive the Holiday Season – Stress Free!


No one is immune to all stress. A little stress can be a good motivator towards meeting a goal, like finishing your holiday shopping, or getting the kids to that concert on time!