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Natural Immune Boosters

With winter comes the cold and flu season. Although a flu shot may protect you against certain strains of the influenza virus, the best defense against both influenza and the common cold is your immune system. (more…)...
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Natural Aphrodisiacs

Mother Nature's Solution to a Dull Sex Life

From eating artichokes to taking Gingko Biloba supplements, consuming agents that are known to increase sexual desire has been popular for centuries. These libido-increasing foods and herbs are known as natural aphrodisiacs. Appropriately, the name aphrodisiac is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of sensuality, Aphrodite....
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The Many Health Benefits of Lemons

If you look in most people's kitchen you can find that wonderful smelling, citrus fruit called the lemon. Lemons are not only a great additive for baking and cooking but it has several other uses as well. (more…)...
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