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Spices for the Sick: Ginger and Cinnamon

Ginger and Cinnamon are most often found on the spice racks in the kitchen. For most people, they are merely spices used to add flavor and fragrance to our food and drinks. What most people ignore is the fact that these spices are well-known for their medicinal properties. Read more

Sweet Potato, Yam and Cassava

Eat Tuber Roots, And Tuber Leaves As Well: Sweet Potato, Yam and Cassava Tropical tuber roots like the sweet potato, yam and cassava are often eaten as root vegetables but the tuber leaves are just as, if not, even more nutritious, and are never left to waste. Read more

The Raw Milk Cure

It has been used both in the daily diet (often fermented) and by special groups with extra nutritional needs, like the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, warriors, and sick people. An ancient Babylon text tells how raw milk was used to drive out the demons of sickness, “Bring milk and laban that man become as...
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6 Super Foods You Need for Super Health

Eating super foods is one of the best ways to enhance one’s health. Although many people make an effort to follow a healthy diet, some individuals overlook the very foods that can protect their health the most. Additionally, a person may be unsure about which selections are best. Even though many foods offer healthy benefits,...
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Natural Toxins in Natural Foods

We all know the saying there are always exceptions that prove the rule. The general rule is that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is exceptionally good for you, but there are a few exceptions to this rule that might surprise you. Some natural foods contain compounds that hinder your health. Read more

Top Ten Autumn Foods

The surroundings is getting wintry, and you can find paler, dry leaves covering up the roads and gardens - autumn has set in and with it the whole environment has turned a bit gloomy. However, autumn also offers a treat for your taste buds as a vast variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits fill up...
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Herbal Adventures – The Cabbage and Mustard Family

THE BRASSICACEAE - AKA CRUCIFERAE (CRUCIFIX) - THE CABBAGE/MUSTARD - FAMILY Herbal medicine is people's medicine; herbal medicine is women's medicine. Most women alive today, everywhere across this planet, rely on local herbs to keep themselves and their families well. A basic knowledge of herbal medicine helps women - such as you - stay free from...
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Wild Foods for Wise Women

Did you know that many of those unglamorous "weeds" that you've been poisoning or pulling out of your garden and lawn are some of the world's most well-respected and powerful healing plants? If not, you aren't alone: many people don't realize that common ordinary weeds can build and maintain good health. Common weeds that grow...
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