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Do You Know Blood Purifying Herbs and Foods?

The concept of blood purification may be associated with the concept of detoxification of the body. Overtime toxins build up in our body and bloodstream, making us really ill. Thus purifying methods for blood should be employed to remove toxins and other harmful chemicals from our blood. The several biological processes going on within our...
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Unusual Uses for Onions

My family on my mother's side tend to live a long time. My great grandfather was asked why that was, and he attributed it to eating green onions on a daily basis. Whether or not that's true, onions have a lot of uses. (more…)...
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Herbal Medicine: Ginseng Uses and History

Prized more than gold for thousands of years, Ginseng root has been Asia's most revered “tonic” and most effective herbal medicine. It is viewed as an aphrodisiac that strengthens the body, enhances health and aids in longevity. Early Jesuit missionaries in Canada discovered American Ginseng in 1704 and made a fortune shipping it to China....
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How to Choose Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium, Sodium and Chloride belong to the electrolyte family of minerals. These work closely to maintain cellular health and activity. More than 95% of Potassium in the body is stored within the cells, while sodium and chloride are stored outside the cells. (more…)...
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Health Benefits of Banana Peel

Ever heard of the saying, "Do not include banana in what you eat if you are planning to loose weight because it contains a lot of calories"? Well , reconsider because banana has some secret health advantages which might help you after all to keep you fit and trim. It is stated that a banana has...
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Does Eating Raw Foods Make Sense In The North?

Have you bought the idea that a completely raw food diet is the ultimate, most logical, best diet for all humankind, no matter where they live in the world? (Like Inuit eating watermelon...) It seems to me that it's the implied idea transmitted by many raw-foodists, raw food website, books and seminars. Read more

Best Protein Sources for Vegetarians

Proteins are very necessary for human's health. The muscles of the body, hair, fingernails and many other body parts are made up of partially or wholly of protein. It is the common belief of the person that that the main source of proteins are only the non-vegetarian food substances. They think that vegetarian food normally...
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Foods and Herbs That Improve Blood Circulation in The Legs

Your legs are enduring poor circulation of blood if you see a change in skin color in the involved area. It can be reddish or bluish. If you have varicose veins, you will observe that the protruding veins are colored blue or dark purple. Similarly, the temperature in your legs may also be low as...
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