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How to Plan a Healthy Workplace Diet


Most of us spend the majority of our time each week at work, often making it challenging to stick to a healthy lifestyle. From pastry-laden brainstorms to lunchtime meetings, the workplace can be full of temptation.

Grounding | Dr Sinatra


Grounding is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and can be very effective. Before you can understand the health benefits of grounding it is important to understand what it is. Grounding is simply the act of walking barefoot on the ground in order to collect electrons from the earth. These electrons help neutralize free radicals, or oxidative stress, in the body. The earth collects electrons from lighting hitting the ground, solar flares, and also solar sunspots.

How Too Much Sitting Can Hurt Your Health


There are some recent studies which might be bad news for people who like to sit around a great deal. Unfortunately for many people life appears to be designed for being seated: working at your desk, watching entertainment, eating in addition to quite a few activities that could be regarded as sedentary. Perhaps the Romans had been onto something when they ate while in the laying position. Nonetheless all this sitting, particularly without ever standing up will be detrimental not just for us physically but for our mental health.

Forest Therapy: Why a Walk in The Woods May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered


Once again, scientists are proving what indigenous people and nature lovers have always known: being outdoors is healthy! Specifically, new research proves that being surrounded by a forest environment, or “forest therapy” can improve your health. And may even help fight cancer.

9 Things Happy People Always Do Before They Sleep


There is a variety of things happy people always do before they go to sleep, and these things are responsible for enabling them to wake up every morning happy and healthy. Not all of us realize the importance of being contented and cheerful in life. Although we have responsibilities and duties to fulfill, it doesn’t always mean that we become preoccupied, pressured, and forced to do them. Being happy is a choice, and these are the 9 things happy people always do before they sleep.

Secret Recipe for Life Satisfaction


You’re waking up frazzled because you over-indulge in people-pleasing, right?

You mouth “what is she talking about” right away after reading that because you haven’t quite clued in yet that your energy is precious. Far too precious to be tapped.

Healing and Wellness – The Medicine Wheel Way


Native Americans have an approach to health and wellness that stems from the belief that illness is related to more than the body. We believe that sickness is related to imbalance. Imbalance is not limited to the physical body but rather it is an extension of all the bodies – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. In this article, I will introduce you to the Medicine Wheel and share with you my understanding of this as it relates to our health and well being. We will then go into depth on each of the bodies and you will learn to use and apply the Medicine Wheel in your life to create harmony and balance.

The Effect of Scent on Moods


When we talk about scents it could refer to a variety of applications. From the choice of perfume we wear, to lotions we use, candles we choose, oils, potpourris, etc. It is known that certain scents seem to effect people in different ways.

Natural Cures For Self Reliant Healing – Six Ways to Stay Out of the Doctor’s Office


Natural cures are vital to frugal living and successful homesteading. Homesteaders are constantly striving toward self reliance, and that includes taking responsibility for our own health.

Four Types of Shaman


The word shaman came into the world’s languages via Siberia and has gained popularity in everyday language. Generally speaking, a shaman is one who calls on the spirit world to help him do something. Despite the image created by Hollywood or those shown by National Geographic a shaman may be a man or woman and in today’s world who more often than not, dresses as the average citizen. Blue jeans and a plaid shirt are not uncommon.

Native Foods, Modern Remedies


I grew up being told about the Three Sisters and why they are important. Corns, beans and squash contain all the amino acids to make a complete protein, and were often planted together (and some still are). Now, they can be part of a low fat diet, but that is not the only benefit of native foods.

Purification by Fire


Purification by fire is the final element in the five element series or air, water, earth, sound (spirit) and of course fire. Modern society is once again embracing fire as a purifying element. While it has never actually gone out of style, in the past few years home environments have gone from having a fireplace in the main living room, to fireplaces in master suites and spa bathrooms, to fire pits outdoors to the a complete outdoor fireplace.

Purification by Air


The third of the Four Elements, air is very important for energy content of the astral light. Its quality is important for nourishing our energy body with this light. Your auric fields take in and process the air around, you so it is important to keep it purified.

Purification by Sound


In the past two articles, I’ve covered purification by water and earth. This time I’ll discuss purification by sound. Sound, while not specifically one of the Four Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, is sometimes associated with air and by others with a fifth element Spirit.

Purification by Water


Continuing with the second of a series of articles on Purification by the Elements, we will now discuss purification by water.

Purification by Earth


Purification through the four natural elements is about living in harmony with the environment. Native culture traditions name earth, air, fire and water and show reverence to their powers. Here we will discuss the purification by earth.

10 Ideas To Help You Think Positively


Sometimes we all need a little push in life. Whether were itching to pursue the dreams weve held in our heart since childhood or we simply need the willingness to tackle mundane chores, we can often find ourselves mired in a rut of inertia and feel like its the most difficult task to rise out of it.

5 Tips for Natural Winter Wellness


Winter’s short days can make us feel lethargic and a little depressed; the long hours spent indoors hibernating on the couch can have a major impact on our overall wellbeing. To avoid the effects of old man winter, fight your hibernating instincts by embracing the season, while taking the necessary precautions to be healthy. To help you get there, the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has these five tips for natural winter wellness.

10 Simple Ways to Stay Grounded


The importance of staying grounded, of being truly connected in your body cannot be overstated. A well-grounded person is more relaxed, healthier, and more spiritual and enjoys life to its fullest. Here are 10 simple ways to stay grounded.

The Boldly Beautiful Formula for a New Life


This simple, yet effective formula is excellent at transforming the old and worn out aspects of your life into a brand new and beautiful life. Are you tired of going in circles and failing to meet your goals one foot before the finish live? You are not alone. It has been my experience that many of my clients quit only a few minutes before the miracle occurs and when you can bring awareness to this aspect of yourself and in following this simple three step process, your dreams really can come true.

Breathe Your Way to Good Health


When I launched my latest gardening book two weeks ago I spoke about the health and fitness benefits of gardening for the physically challenged. People then asked me if I had any more tips? Yes, I said, do yoga and learn to breathe.

To breathe is to live!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Kill or Cure – A World without Medicine


‘Kill or cure – we use that expression lightly but what if we were really faced with such a choice? At a time when so-called “natural” remedies are coming under increasing scrutiny by the medical profession, it’s worth looking back to times and places where the prescription drugs we take for granted today – antibiotics, blood thinners, tranquillisers, anaesthetics, sterilising agents, pain killers – just weren’t available. To when treatments derived from plants and basichousehold chemicals were all there were.

Three Tips To Never Get Sick


Are you pro-active and self-accountable about your daily health, or do you play the victim when you come down with a cough, congestion, sneezing and runny nose? Forget the overly dramatic complaints of your typical hypochondriac; I’m talking about legitimate sicknesses that people can easily avoid with the daily choices that they make. Yes. I’m saying it. You are in charge of your body’s ability to stay well and avoid illnesses.

Eat a Penguin: Health, Healing & Curing


When looking at your life, are you looking for health, healing or curing? Curing is about expectations; healing is about possibilities. Curing asks, “what needs to be fixed?” Healing asks, “How can I grow? What can I celebrate?”

Ten Foods Can Make You Happier


We’ve all had a rotten mood. For many people, eating food (such as junk food) can make their health worse; which only worsens their mood.

But what if there was food that was healthy, and could also act as a natural anti-depressant? There are foods that meet those qualifications! Here are the 10 best foods, that will make you happy, and keep you healthy:

Daily Spiritual Practice: Beauty


It’s the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognize the beauty around us. Joan Chittister

Cleansing Your Spirit Native American Style


In today’s modern world there never seems to be enough time. We rush from the time we get up until the time we go to bed. We battle traffic, work, deadlines, e-mail, family matters, and love life. Everything we have to get done in 24 hours! There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. People used to work a 40 hour week, now the work hours go into your private life and many people have to spend time on the computer or phone continuing work at home.

Natural Mood Enhancers


Foods can act as natural mood enhancers and your mood or the way you feel has a lot to do with your eating habits. Do you have a diet high in sugar, salt and fat? Take a look at what you eat throughout the day and see if you can change your habits a little bit, try it and see the results after a couple of weeks.

Benefits of Sun Bath – Boon for Skin, Bones and Muscles


Sun bath is very important for perfect health. It has a mystical antibacterial and antifungal property. The sun showers three types of rays upon us:

Creating Your Own Happiness – Simple Ways to a Happier Lifestyle


Happiness is a universal sought after from the poor to the rich, from all 4 corners of the earth as well as those who are sad to those already happy. I believe that Happiness is not a destination or state that one reaches and remain static, but rather a journey, a continuous never-end journey, of ups and down where we strive to maintain more ups than downs.

Discovering Everyday Gratitude: How to Live a Life Filled With Appreciation & Enjoyment

fdp_Stuart Miles-ID-100297258

Have you ever had something taken away from you only to realize how much you appreciated it after it was gone?

I ask this question every time I start one of my speeches and seminars on appreciation. As I pause and wait for people to respond, many hands go up.

Are You Trying Too Hard to Be Happy?


We all want to be happy. However, if a woman pushes herself to emotional and mental exhaustion in order to reach “perfect” happiness, she could suffer from a condition she probably has never heard of: Missing Mother Syndrome.

Looking Back First, Then Look Forward


Depending on where or how you celebrated the New Year, Auld Lang Syne is a song engrained in everyone’s mind. And even though people aren’t sure what it means and don’t know all the words, it sounds both sad and soothing. It’s a song about loss, but also about love — a hope that you’ll see the same people you love next year.

Laughter is Healthy – And Surprisingly Contagious!


When was the last time you had a great laugh? I hope it was recent because laughter is healthy and can be powerful, strong medicine for both your mind and your body. Nothing can make you feel better more quickly than a genuine burst of good old belly laughter.

Introduction to The Root Chakra


Muladhara or Root Chakra

Introduction to The Solar Plexus Chakra


Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra

Introduction to The Sacral Chakra


Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra

Introduction to The Heart Chakra


Anahata or Heart Chakra

An Ancient Yogic Recipe

Photo Credit: Alvimann |

This Nerve Tonic Promotes Calmness and Clarity

Chakras 101


The chakras are different coloured energy centres that originate from seven different points in our body.

Understanding Holistic Health


Every thought and emotion affects your health. A holistic health approach encompasses treating the whole person: the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

“Ohms” Optional


To some, “finding your center” may sound like a cheesy connotation derived from the self help books of an overpaid guru. This was precisely what I thought upon first hearing of the art of relaxation.

Battle With Burn-Out


Letting yourself reach the point where you are burnt out, worn down and used up is a threat to your dreams, goals and your life’s happiness.

Chakra Balancing Treatments


Chakra clearing and balancing is crucial to our health. Learn which chakra does what, and how to tell if it’s out of whack. Then follow the simple guidelines to clear, balance and strengthen your chakras, and get them spinning in the right direction.

10 Tips for Better Sleep


Getting a full night’s sleep is as important to good health as maintaining a proper diet and getting enough exercise. Yet a third of Americans get less than 6 ½ hours of sleep each night – much less the recommended 7-8 hours.