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Purification by Air

The third of the Four Elements, air is very important for energy content of the astral light. Its quality is important for nourishing our energy body with this light. Your auric fields take in and process the air around, you so it is important to keep it purified. Read more

Purification by Sound

In the past two articles, I've covered purification by water and earth. This time I'll discuss purification by sound. Sound, while not specifically one of the Four Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, is sometimes associated with air and by others with a fifth element Spirit. (more…)...
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Purification by Earth

Purification through the four natural elements is about living in harmony with the environment. Native culture traditions name earth, air, fire and water and show reverence to their powers. Here we will discuss the purification by earth. (more…)...
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10 Ideas To Help You Think Positively

Sometimes we all need a little push in life. Whether were itching to pursue the dreams weve held in our heart since childhood or we simply need the willingness to tackle mundane chores, we can often find ourselves mired in a rut of inertia and feel like its the most difficult task to rise out...
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5 Tips for Natural Winter Wellness

Winter's short days can make us feel lethargic and a little depressed; the long hours spent indoors hibernating on the couch can have a major impact on our overall wellbeing. To avoid the effects of old man winter, fight your hibernating instincts by embracing the season, while taking the necessary precautions to be healthy. To...
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10 Simple Ways to Stay Grounded

The importance of staying grounded, of being truly connected in your body cannot be overstated. A well-grounded person is more relaxed, healthier, and more spiritual and enjoys life to its fullest. Here are 10 simple ways to stay grounded. (more…)...
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The Boldly Beautiful Formula for a New Life

This simple, yet effective formula is excellent at transforming the old and worn out aspects of your life into a brand new and beautiful life. Are you tired of going in circles and failing to meet your goals one foot before the finish live? You are not alone. It has been my experience that many...
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Breathe Your Way to Good Health

When I launched my latest gardening book two weeks ago I spoke about the health and fitness benefits of gardening for the physically challenged. People then asked me if I had any more tips? Yes, I said, do yoga and learn to breathe. To breathe is to live! Sounds simple, doesn't it? Read more

Kill or Cure – A World without Medicine

‘Kill or cure – we use that expression lightly but what if we were really faced with such a choice? At a time when so-called "natural" remedies are coming under increasing scrutiny by the medical profession, it's worth looking back to times and places where the prescription drugs we take for granted today – antibiotics,...
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