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The Practical Use of Footie Pajamas

Have you ever wondered why some people still prefer wearing footie pajamas over the more traditional ones? These pajamas become their sleepwear of choice for various reasons. The most common of which is the fact that they can wear it without difficulty. Aside from that, there is also the comfort factor which many seem to...
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101 Tips on How To Save Money for Your Wedding

Congrats! You are engaged! Planning a wedding can and should be a joyous fun event. However, the stress of planning and budgeting can make even the calmest bride a little batty. Sure, you want a beautiful, memorable wedding, but perhaps you can’t afford to splurge on every minute detail. The following are some tips to...
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Layer Your Bed

The mood of the bedroom starts with the bed. Your bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and therefore your eye is automatically drawn there first. Here is where your personal taste can take on a flare of it's own. Your decorating begins with the bed. Read more

5 Ways to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

Think reading needs to be relegated to the couch or a bed? With a little creativity, you can create cozy reading nooks the whole family can enjoy. Here are some tips from Charlotte Teeple, executive director of the Canadian Children's Book Centre and head of the TD Grade One Book Giveaway, Canada's largest free book...
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How Does your Amish Family Celebrate Christmas?

We were taught that Christmas is Jesus's Birthday and that day is to be celebrated as such. However, in our actions to me it was just another Sunday. Many Christmas's as a young child we never had company or went visiting on Christmas. We spend the day at home like any other in-between (since the...
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Handy Tips for Storing Holiday Items

Every holiday, many of us find ourselves digging through miscellaneous boxes and bins trying to find ornaments, decorations, special holiday-oriented items, and holiday paraphernalia, often including the Christmas tree. (more…)...
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How Christmas is Celebrated Around The World

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. This feast was created by the Pope to promote Christianity and remove Pagan festivals celebrated at the winter solstice. During the IVth century, the Pope decided to bring the Christmas day on December 25th. Read more

Winter Educational Ideas for Preschoolers

It's always fun to use things in our children's everyday lives to spark discussion and easy educational activities. Since many of us are currently in the midst of winter, this season can be a great topic of "study" for our littlest ones. (more…)...
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