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DIY Natural Glass Cleaner


So, it’s my first post. And with my first post comes a disclaimer:

This was my first attempt at making all-natural glass cleaner with these ingredients.

Homemade Lavender Window Cleaner

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Get clean glass surfaces and creating a nice scent in the air at the same time.

Homemade Cleaners

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Here are some tips for using and making your own household cleaners from Dining On A Dime Cookbook. Most are simple and only take a few minutes to mix.

How to Clean Your Healthy Home on a Budget


You have probably noticed that non-toxic, healthy cleaning products tend to be too expensive. You may have even decided not to dispose of all those chemical-laden cleaning products because the healthy alternatives are so expensive. I will show you how to clean your home with natural, healthy products and save money.

Easy Home Remedies for Water-stained Glass


If someone were to ask you what the hardest room in the house to clean is, you’d likely say the bathroom. Sure a little bleach and cleanser will keep the mirror and counter tops looking nice, and toilet cleaner works well in the bowl, but what about your glass shower doors?

Homemade Window Glass Cleaner


Easy homemade glass cleaner recipes.

Washing Window Tricks


Have you ever wondered how those professional window washers move so fast with the squeegee, and how the windows turn out perfect? Well, there really are some tricks to it that are simple to learn, and once you do, dare I say it, you may even enjoy washing windows?