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Simple, homemade cleaning recipes

Learn How to Remove Life’s Craftiest Stains

Play is one of the ways kids learn and discover the world around them. And getting dirty is an inevitable part of playing and learning. So to ensure you don't let stains take the fun out of making crafts with your children, Sunlight offers these stain fighting tips. Read more

Triumph Over Summer Stains

Whether you're having a backyard picnic or on a trip to the beach, stains seem to tag along. With the range of effective cleaning products available, you can enjoy the warm weather without letting summer stains ruin your fun. (more…)...
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Maintenance, Care and Cleaning Tips for Cookware

The cleaning process is a part of maintenance of your daily used cookware and other related equipment. With dishwashers, powerful washing liquids and other chemical methods available, cleaning is not only easy but convenient as well. It is a misconception started by advertisements that durable metals like aluminum and stainless steel do not require much...
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Cleaning and Storing your Dutch Oven

There are many opinions on cleaning a Dutch Oven. Not all Dutch Oven cooks believe you can use soap in your Dutch Oven. Some cooks suggest never to wash them, others wash them, but not with detergent. We have found that a well-seasoned oven will not be damaged by using a few drops of dishwashing...
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How to Clean Pots and Pans

Cast Iron pans: To clean, wipe them out with a damp cloth rather than completely wash them, dry completely to prevent rust. Copper pans: To get them to shine again dip the bottom of the pot in leftover pickle juice. Let it sit for about 10-15 mintes. Rinse well. Read more

Refrigerator Cleaning

Freezer - Cleaning Clean interior during annual defrosting. Remove food and store in cooler chests or boxes insulated with thick sections of newspapers or blankets, or in the refrigerator. Use a fan directed toward frost to loosen it, and remove. Wash inside with warm water solution of mild detergent or baking soda; rinse; wipe dry as...
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