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Mother and Baby Gift Ideas

Buying a suitable gift for a new-born baby and its happy parents is not as easy as it seems. While new parents do need a lot of things, it's also too easy to buy something they cannot use, or give them the same thing as several other well-meaning friends, because you all thought it would...
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6 Simple Ideas for Living Happier

Saving money and staying fit are traditional New Year’s resolutions, but overly packed schedules and the materialistic focus of modern day life are inspiring a new goal for many people: to live happier in 2017 and beyond. (more…)...
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Draw Closer to Your Kids with a Daily Afternoon Tea Time

"I started drinking tea when my children were preschool age. Somewhere along the line we started having Afternoon Tea together after school. My children are now teenagers and love having tea almost as much as I do."-Brenda Hyde The typical menu for tea time seems to include several different types of tea sandwiches, cut into squares...
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