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6 Simple Ideas for Living Happier in 2016


Saving money and staying fit are traditional New Year’s resolutions, but overly packed schedules and the materialistic focus of modern day life are inspiring a new goal for many people: to live happier in 2016 and beyond.

Three Buckets of Courage


Courage involves behavior. Like all behaviors, courage can be developed, encouraged, and reinforced.

When You Wash The Rice


I heard a great piece of advice recently:

When you wash the rice, wash the rice.

It is such a simple thing, and yet seems so strange or alien to so many of us.

11 Ways to Slow Down for More Joyful Living!


“Life is full of beauty. Notice it.” – Ashley Smith

We always hear it that life was always easier when we were younger. All we think of was play and have fun. But as we grow older, the same life we have seems to be more complex, problematic, and pressure packed? But how so, when we are at a stage where we are more mature and must therefore already possess the abilities to live life the way we want?

Helpful Hints to Keep Yourself Positive


I’ve got the top tips to help keep yourself positive, no matter what you are going through. Remember, there is always a brighter side to look on and you’ll feel better if you start looking on the brighter side! So gals, you ready to take the negativity away and replace it with positivity?

The Sky is Always Blue


No matter where you are or what problems you face, rest assured that the sky is always blue. I know what you’re thinking, what does the sky being blue and problems have in common?

21 Inspiring Life Ideas for Living


To achieve success in life is the goal of everyone. The desire to live our goals rule our lives from childhood to old age. We all will like to attain our goals in life. Here are some common principles and ideas of all men and women who achieve success in life that will help you in realizing your own goals.

Speaking Up: How to Be More Assertive


What Does It Mean To Be Assertive?

Let’s start by defining what it is not. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive. Assertive behavior is not hostile, blaming, threatening, demanding, or sarcastic. Assertiveness differs from aggression in that standing up for yourself does not trespass on the rights of others. Assertiveness means communicating what you want in a clear manner, respecting your own rights and feelings and the rights and feelings of others.