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The Practical Use of Footie Pajamas

Have you ever wondered why some people still prefer wearing footie pajamas over the more traditional ones? These pajamas become their sleepwear of choice for various reasons. The most common of which is the fact that they can wear it without difficulty. Aside from that, there is also the comfort factor which many seem to...
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How Does your Amish Family Celebrate Christmas?

We were taught that Christmas is Jesus's Birthday and that day is to be celebrated as such. However, in our actions to me it was just another Sunday. Many Christmas's as a young child we never had company or went visiting on Christmas. We spend the day at home like any other in-between (since the...
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Handy Tips for Storing Holiday Items

Every holiday, many of us find ourselves digging through miscellaneous boxes and bins trying to find ornaments, decorations, special holiday-oriented items, and holiday paraphernalia, often including the Christmas tree. (more…)...
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How Christmas is Celebrated Around The World

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. This feast was created by the Pope to promote Christianity and remove Pagan festivals celebrated at the winter solstice. During the IVth century, the Pope decided to bring the Christmas day on December 25th. Read more

Winter Educational Ideas for Preschoolers

It's always fun to use things in our children's everyday lives to spark discussion and easy educational activities. Since many of us are currently in the midst of winter, this season can be a great topic of "study" for our littlest ones. (more…)...
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Things to Do on a Snow Day

Kids, teachers and parents alike love the freedom a snow day brings. Work and school are put on the back burner and everyone can enjoy a day off from their normal, everyday life. Whether you get a few days off each season or you live in an area where snow days are a rarity, take...
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Cheap Natural Decorations for Your Winter Wedding

If you are planning a winter wedding, you are fortunate enough as you can use a lot of natural items that can help you cut down your wedding expenses. Most of them are seen just about anywhere. Aside from using expensive flowers, you can decorate your winter wedding with some seasonal accents such as...
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Ten Ways to Celebrate Leaf Season

It's Leaf Season! Reds, golds and ambers against a deep blue sky, frosty air filled with the scent of burning wood and ripe apples, migrating birds and animals feasting on this year's abundant harvest - autumn feels like a celebration. Here are ten things you can do to maximize your enjoyment of one of the most dramatic...
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Back to School Organization

Soon our homes will be filled with the sounds of "Mom, where is my homework?" As moms everywhere get geared up to battle the Back to School stress and vow once again to be more organized This year, let me offer some preventative medicine and time saving tips. Read more