Romance 101: How To Show Her You Love Her

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35 tried and true tips to show her just how much you really love her.

1. Learn a few love words in another language, like I love you and recite it to her:

  • I love you (English)
  • Je vous aime (French)
  • Ich liebe Sie (German)
  • Li amo (Italian)
  • Eu amo-o (Portuguese)
  • Le amo (Spanish)

2. Good old fashioned courtesy, hold open the door for her. That includes the car door!

3. Leave little love notes, hide them for her to find.

4. Give her a massage. Pay special attention to her feet and hands. Want some massage oil recipes you can make yourself? Click here >>

5. Offer to brush her hair. Believe it or not, it is very soothing and sensual.

6. Run a warm bubble bath & light a few candles. Bubble bath recipes >>

7. Send her a single red or white rose. (see flower meanings)

8. Take her out to dinner. Even more romantic is a lakeside picnic.

9. Don’t forget to listen to her, I mean really listen. Ask her thoughts, dreams, goals or just about how her day was.

10. Sing to her. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not….just hearing her favorite song from the man she loves is worth gold.

11. If you are away at work etc, call her to say you’re thinking of her.

12. Write her a love letter and mail it to her.

13. Dedicate a song on the radio for her, don’t forget to tell her to listen that day!

14. Read her some poetry.

15. Write her some poetry expressing your feelings for her.

16. Sip some wine together and just cuddle.

17. Paint her toe nails.

18. Give her cute pet names. Makes her feel special.

19. Make her feel like she is what you live for.

20. Buy or grow her a plant….perhaps her favorite flower.

21. Cook her a meal. Breakfast in bed is always a wonderful treat.

22. Dedicate some time just for her (without distractions)…not with other company, phone calls etc.

23. Send her cards…either by snail mail or email or both!

24. Know her favorite treats and get her some.

25. Buy her the Cd with your song on it.

26. Give her chocolate…chocolate and more chocolate or make some. (Chocolate Dipped Fruit,   Gourmet Chocolates)

27. Take her on a nature walk where it’s just the two of you.

28. Carry her photo with you.

29. Tell her you love her as much as possible.

30. Know what upsets her, know what makes her happy.

31. Tell her she looks great!

32. Watch 1 romantic movie at least once a month with your gal. Extra points if you go get the movie you know she wanted to see.

33. Go dancing. Slow dancing is a great way to be close.

34. More than anything….be her best friend.

35. And last but not least. DO NOT wrap yourself in Saran wrap and wait for her at the door. lol

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13 Responses to Romance 101: How To Show Her You Love Her

  1. richard says:

    Hello my name is richard.

    I am in love with my best friend kelly, have been for years. When i got back from the military i got a job and he just happened to be working there. Well iv been spending as much time with her as i can outside of work. Iv told her i like her but i didnt want to say love cuz for some reason i felt a little uneasy about it. Well when her sister found i was back she came over and we went to dinner as we always did as friends back in school. During our conversation she says so how do i feel about how the guy that my kelly is married to and how kelly hasent been happy in years with him. I took it as a shock, kelly and i have never done anything but at the same time i always wished she was mine and i was hers. I know kelly and as long as shes married she will never cheat nor do i want her to, but she will also never get a devorice (not sure if spelled right). I still want to tell her i love her but i dont want to say it in words so i dont make her question her beliefs about marriage.

    Plz guys i need some help, shes always ment the world to me. I saved myself for her cuz iv always loved her since i first met her back in jh.

  2. sasirekha says:

    I know my girl still loves me a lot, but nowadays she refused to talk with me because in between am quite busy in my works, I don’t know how to prove my love!

  3. BUKENYA says:

    well i had some things happen that cause me to lose focus on the girl i love so. i broke up with her and now i am currently trying my hardest to mend the wounds i put on her broken heart. i love her more than anything and i would lay my life down to prove it her. every song and every cloud and star makes me think of her. i continuously send her long messages from my heart and she tells me she knows i love her and she tells me she love me back but something deep down concerns my heart. I wanna be her love again. id walk the earth sail the seas and climb the highest mountain just to see her smile. id go to hell and back to show her my love. Im lost for words now and still feel i should keep proving and showing her that i love her. Where or what do i do next? i bought a ring the other day and lord knows i have prayed and prayed and begged god to let her say yes. i just want her to know that i will never stop loving her. even if it takes me waiting at heavens gates to show her. i will wait as long as it takes.

  4. BUKENYA says:


  5. eddie says:

    Nyc i have told her if its okay we had sex but she said she will give me an answer

  6. Ryan Sandnes says:

    Well, I just told her I love her in 6 different languages and she asked “What the f*** are you on”… so that one’s out

  7. Mathetho says:

    well you have somehow answered me, but one more she is too shy and she can’t even look at me

  8. JEFFERSON says:


  9. JEFFERSON says:

    I always call my princess mildred all day,night telling her I love her so much and I missed her so much

  10. Bongane says:

    Keep writing her love letters drawing what she likes,organise some picnic,always tell her how beautiful she looks.

  11. Isaac says:

    Ok all you have to do is say you love her every night with me and my girlfriend I call her every night to say I love her and I tell her how pretty she is and since we don’t go to the same school we see each other every weekend and its always special you don’t have to buy her anything (that’s always a bonus) but all you have to do is make sure she knows you love her and whenever you see her hug her and give her a kiss and call her beautiful.

  12. Manny says:

    Step 1: Stop being a bitch
    Step 2: Say “I love and respect you for who you are, I’m willing to be there every step of the way and that should be enough”
    Step 3: If she leaves then she wasn’t the one , good luck (:

  13. Patricia says:

    This really didn’t answer my question I am unable to show my gf that I love her so much and if I don’t I’m going to lose her please tell me how to show her I love her without gifts please help I don’t wanna lose her please

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