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How to take care of a variety of pets.

How to Get Your Dog to Walk in The Rain

If your dog is like mine, he hates walking in the rain. Dogs need exercise whether it's raining outside or not. There are several things you can do to get your dog to walk in the rain, and maybe even enjoy the walk. You can use accessories to make the walk more pleasant, and even...
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10 Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

Humans have both an extreme strength and an extreme weakness when it comes to loving their pets. Dog owners in particular are known for loving their dogs the same as they do their children. So what’s the extreme weakness? It’s our lack of good decision making when it comes to our dog’s diet and health....
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25 Ways to Give Back – From Fur to Feathers

Looking for a way you can truly give back? Expand the circle of compassion to include all living things by helping those who cannot ask-from dogs and cats to whales, to the plight of frogs and bees-the animal kingdom needs our help. Here are 25 ideas for you and your family to show your support...
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Spray & Urine Odor Removal – Using Common Household Product

As a cat lover and owner of multiple male cats, spray and urine odor was a constant concern. When you have more than one male cat [I have three] you will have problems with spraying. While neutering male cats can sometimes prevent or cut down the amount of spraying by some, others will continue to...
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Grow an Herbal Garden for Your Dog – 10 Medicinal Herbs for Dogs

It is well documented that animals in the wild have natural instincts for picking and choosing the herbs they need for not only the healing properties, but also to promote health. My goats would browse herbs (weeds) in the pasture and canyons when we went on our hiking trips with them, nibbling and tasting and...
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How To Make Homemade Dry Dog Food

If you are anything like me, your dog is not just a dog. HE is your baby, your companion, and the most loyal friend you will ever have. So why wouldn't you want to do whats best for you dog and his health? A dogs diet is just a crucial as a healthy diet is...
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Plants That Can Be Harmful for The Pets

Sometimes we fail to understand what could have caused our pets to get ill. In spite of feeding them well and taking good care of them, they fall sick or start behaving abnormally. There are some garden plants that can cause harm if your pets nibble on them. Read more