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25 Ways to Give Back – From Fur to Feathers

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Looking for a way you can truly give back? Expand the circle of compassion to include all living things by helping those who cannot ask-from dogs and cats to whales, to the plight of frogs and bees-the animal kingdom needs our help. Here are 25 ideas for you and your family to show your support by giving voice to the animals with whom we share this world.

Grow an Herbal Garden for Your Dog – 10 Medicinal Herbs for Dogs


It is well documented that animals in the wild have natural instincts for picking and choosing the herbs they need for not only the healing properties, but also to promote health. My goats would browse herbs (weeds) in the pasture and canyons when we went on our hiking trips with them, nibbling and tasting and choosing which plants were at the right growth phase for their needs.

All Natural Superb Treatment and Remedy for Dog Flea Control

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If you want a happy and healthy dog, regular grooming, and good nutrition is the best way to protect your dog.

Plants That Can Be Harmful for The Pets


Sometimes we fail to understand what could have caused our pets to get ill. In spite of feeding them well and taking good care of them, they fall sick or start behaving abnormally. There are some garden plants that can cause harm if your pets nibble on them.

How to Make Peanut Butter Bones for Your Dog


If you want to give your dog healthy treats that he will love, give him some peanut butter bones. These are not only delicious (at least to dogs), they are also healthy, because peanut butter is loaded with many nutrients, including protein, and vitamins E and K. Vitamin E will help to protect your dog’s immune system, while vitamin K will help ensure a shiny, healthy coat. These peanut butter treats are really easy to make, and the recipe only requires a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

Pet Wellness: Pet Stress Awareness

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Pet Wellness embraces many areas of a healthy happy pet. Learn how you can identify and eliminate pet stress to give him a longer, happier, healthier life.

Bird House Basics – Do’s and Don’ts


Like weather vanes and sundials, bird houses can be as artistic as they are functional. Bird houses come in many styles, from gaily painted wooden antiques to sleek metal models to plain old wooden ones. However delightful they may look to you, you’ll want to make sure the birds find them attractive as well. Learn about what birds use bird houses and how to acquire the most success in housing wild birds.

Holistic Aromatherapy for Cats

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Most any cat owner will tell you their feline friends are capable of conveying emotion. In fact, they may even say they can recognize and distinguish specific emotions their cats display, including love, anger, illness, annoyance and more.

How to Attract the Seven Most Desired Wild Birds


Every year, more and more people are adopting “outdoor pets” in their back yard, whether they are squirrels, rabbits or the most popular outdoor pets of them all — wild birds.

Homemade Dog Food Basics


More and more people are beginning to make their dog’s food at home rather than buying commercial formulas. Homemade dog food doesn’t contain any substances that could possibly be harmful to your dog’s health such as artificial coloring and artificial flavors.

Spunky and The “Apple a Day Dog Treat” Dog Food Recipe


My dog, Spunky, was put on a new diet last fall by our veterinarian who sold us the food. After five days Spunky became very ill. He was vomiting, eating less, became listless and staggered when he tried to walk.

Aromatherapy for Animals, Part 1: Healing Blends for Dogs


The trend toward natural health consciousness in humans is gaining popularity in the animal world too. Many veterinarians are beginning to introduce natural therapies in their practice, including osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences and more recently aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy for Animals, Part 2: Stress-Relieving Holistic Blends for Dogs


Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love — emotions play a pivotal role in our lives. But are these types of feelings an integral part of an animal’s world as well?

Aromatherapy for Man’s Faithful Friend – Dog


Emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear and love play a crucial role in human being’s life. These feelings are also an integral part of an animal’s world. Aromatherapy also provides immediate, profound and long lasting results on animal’s overall health and well being.

How to Remove Dog Urine Odor


Dog urine odor can be a huge problem for some pet owners. The highly objectionable odor can overtake even the toughest noses. The reason the odor becomes so strong is clear. Dogs tend to urinate in the same spot repeatedly. Cleaning up the urine often isn’t enough to deter the dog from returning.

Aromatherapy for Cats


Cats are inherently instinctive, independent and agile creatures. They are notorious for chasing almost anything and eating mice, birds and other small animals. Cats also love roaming and playing, and often fight to protect their territory.

Green Cat Care Tips


She can jump from the floor to the top of the refrigerator, or bound across your desk without disturbing a single sheet of paper. Your cat personifies the graceful, enviable sure-footedness of her species. But what about her eco-footprint?

How to Cut Your Cat’s Nails


Trimming your cat’s nails is a great way to:

Decrease damage to your furniture.

Prevent your cat’s nails from getting caught in carpeting or other fabrics (which can result in injury from a torn claw).

Ensure that cuddling with your cat isn’t painful when they’re kneading!

Prevent injury to your other cats and yourself (and your clothes!) when engaged in play.

Growing Catnip for Your Cat

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Most cat owners will have known at least one cat in their lives that was a sucker for catnip. In fact, with only 1/3 of cats unsusceptible to the appeal of catnip, the vast majority of cats go crazy for the stuff.