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10 Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat


Humans have both an extreme strength and an extreme weakness when it comes to loving their pets. Dog owners in particular are known for loving their dogs the same as they do their children. So what’s the extreme weakness? It’s our lack of good decision making when it comes to our dog’s diet and health. Dogs, across the globe, are taken for medical emergency care due to foods we feed them. One of the most dangerous times of the year for our dogs is Halloween because of the candy and other foods we give to our dogs without realizing what harmful affects they can cause to our dog’s health.

How to Clean Cat Urine & Remove Cat Urine Odor


There are some nasty smells in the world and topping the list would have to be cat urine odor. Really I don’t think there’s much worse than visiting a friend and not being able to enter their house for the foul smell of cat urine, the odor meets you at the door and hits you hard. The stench is in the carpet, the furniture, it’s in the curtains, and it’s up your nose. Someone should really tell this person how to remove cat urine odor.

Natural Dog Arthritis Treatment


Lіke humans, dogs can suffer from the paіns of arthritis. Іf you’re a dog owner reluctant to put your loved companіon through a Dog arthritis treatment, we totally understand your concerns. Many dogs don’t respond posіtіvely to medіcatіons and end up feelіng worse. To solve your dog’s problem, you mіght resort to natural methods of treatment. Let us begіn by defіnіng arthritis and іts causes іn the canіne world.

Natural Health for Pets: Nutrition for Dogs, Cats and Birds

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Pet Health

Pets today suffer from allergies, skin problems, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, liver and kidney failure, and other serious illnesses. These conditions have been exacerbated by the tainted foods we feed our pets, and the lack of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients in their diets. Commercial grade pet foods may contain harmful additives and processed grains, instead of high quality proteins. These foods weaken the immune system, providing the environment for disease to gain a foothold.

How to Make Your Own Bird House

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Bird house making is really easy as long as you love what you are doing.

How to Attract the Seven Most Desired Wild Birds


Every year, more and more people are adopting “outdoor pets” in their back yard, whether they are squirrels, rabbits or the most popular outdoor pets of them all — wild birds.