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A Green Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

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Just like spring cleaning, you really should get your home ready for the winter. Here are a couple of projects that you will want to get accomplished although the weather is still nice out (or if you happen to be in the North, before the snow falls). These projects will save energy, button up your home and prevent costly problems later on. Also included are a couple of projects that everybody thinks they should do, but you may not have too!

Stain a Garage Floor: DIY


Staining is a popular way to bring your garage floor to life. You can hire professionals to come in and stamp the concrete to give the floor a unique pattern, like marble, stepping stone or even hardwood design, or you can do it yourself.

Choose a stain color that you like and a strong, heavy sealant. You can turn your old dirty garage floor into a beautiful, shiny, professional looking work area.

You’re the boss: Mike Holmes’ tips on being in control

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(NC)—Using a contractor for your next renovation or repair can be a great experience, so long as you take the necessary steps to ensure that you are hiring the best person for the job and communicating your needs clearly. To maintain control over the renovation process while outsourcing to the experts, Mike Holmes, host of HGTV Canada’s Holmes on Homes and consultant for The Home Depot Canada’s Expert Installation Division, bridges the gap between the DIY’er and contracting professionals, offering the following:

How to Apply a Wood Finish


When you finish a woodworking project, you should try to stain your wood as soon as possible to get the best finish you can.

1870 Milk Paint Formula

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What is milk paint?

Before commercially prepared paint was available, paint was made at home based on formulas handed down from generation to generation.

How to Fix a Hole in a Wall

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Perhaps the most common home repair is fixing a hole in the wall.

How to Find Out if a Wall is Load Bearing

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Home remodeling can be very challenging, and deciding whether walls can be removed without damage to the ceiling, roof, upstairs living space, or other rooms is a critical decision that should never be made without a lot of thought, planning, and research.

How to Repair a Screen

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When warm weather beckons and the desire to open your windows cannot be contained, there is only one thing to do – let the fresh air inside. While that is an easy task most of the time, when your window screens have holes or tears, it can be a challenging decision.

How to Install a New Toilet

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If your toilet is old and in need of repairs, it is really cheaper to install a new one. This is the easiest of all the plumbing jobs in the home to do and if you follow my simple instructions you can put yours in yourself.

How to Stock Your Toolbox for Basic Home Repairs

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Whether you are a first-time homeowner or have owned a home for years, unless you can afford to have every maintenance chore taken care of by a handyman or professional tradesman, there’s probably a long list of to-do tasks just waiting to be tackled.

Tips for Dealing with Water Stains and Mildew


It’s bound to happen a leaky roof, a burst pipe, melting snow, excessive bathroom moisture all leading to one of the most common household problems water stains on walls or ceilings.