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How Much Do Chickens Eat?

The quantity of feed consumed by a chicken is dependent upon many factors; the age of the chicken (those that are growing need more), the size, purpose (egg layer or meat), whether the chicken is molting or brooding a baby chick, and whether it's used for breeding purposes. To thoroughly answer the question requires many...
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Visual Appraisal Checklist for Sheep Breeding

Sheep breeding starts with good genes and focused care. Whether you are planning to buy, sell, or choose sheep from your existing flock, it is important to know what a veteran sheep breeder is looking for during a visual appraisal. Visual appraisals are very complex, and vary greatly depending on a long list of factors....
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Introducing New Chickens to Your Existing Flock

Adding new chickens your flock of birds can be tricky, but it's not impossible. Every flock will have a period of adjustment, but with thoughtful planning, fighting can be kept to a minimum (in most cases). The goal is to have a happy, well-adjusted flock in the end, (with no blood shed or lost life)....
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How Many Eggs Does a Chicken Lay?

Eggs are great sources of protein, and when raised organically can be lower in cholesterol than regular eggs available. Many people are choosing to raise flocks for this reason, but few stop to ask, "How many eggs does a chicken lay?" The answer is not that clear-cut but the best layers will lay one egg...
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Keeping Your Chickens Tame Through Winter – 3 Easy Tips

It works the same as a lot of other cause and effect issues we face, such as doing well in a test because we actually spent time and effort studying. Keeping your chickens tame through the winter means we need to come up with a plan to spend time handling them, even while the weather...
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Raising Meat Chickens – A Step by Step Guide

Before you go out and buy some chickens for meat, you need to do some research. There many things to consider before you take the plunge. This guide will help you so you don't have any unexpected surprises. These steps helped us raise 44 meat chickens that averaged out to 7.25 pounds in just nine...
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Growing Herbs for Profit

You have planted your herb garden with all your favorite herbs. They are thriving; you are enjoying the zing and zest they are adding to your meals. You' are also reading all you can about different ways to use them. In fact, you are getting downright passionate about herbs! So... why not make some money with something...
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Chickens in Cold Weather

8 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Backyard Flock Healthy and Warm

Keeping a small flock of chickens in your backyard means they will need some extra attention to make it through the winter safe, healthy, happy and warm. Where many large-scale farmers don't go to the extra work to pamper their chicks, small flock...
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