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From Farm to Family: 7 Things to Consider

Animals play a meaningful role in the lives of their owners. In fact, most people consider their furry friends part of the family. And while dogs and cats tend to be the most common companions, nowadays, the beloved family pet can come in many different shapes, sizes and species. Read more

How To Take Care Of Cows – Tips For Beginners

Rearing cows can be a good source of income. It can be a tedious process as in raising other farm animals but it is one profitable venture. There are three types of cows. One type is raised for production of dairy products like milk, butter and cheese, the other is raised for its meat called...
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Requirements for Keeping Cows

Keeping cows for profit requires commitment and considering a lot of things to have a good yield. It is not that complicated but it requires a good deal of resources. Aside from earning, having a cattle ranch can be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. There are a lot of benefits that can be had in...
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Bee Positive – The Backyard Bee Keepers of Port Clinton, Ohio

When we think of bees, we generally think of flowers, honey, dandelions, clover and numerous other images which connect us to nature. Our connection to earth through bees is not only a comforting bond, but a necessary one; one that has seen threats in recent times from man as well as the unexplained. But in...
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Essential Fundamentals of Proper Horse Hoof Care

It is not enough to just call a farrier and have him shoe your horse. One of the most basic requirements of responsible ownership is to understand and practice proper horse hoof care. Your horse is not going to ask you to clean and care for his feet and this means that you must be...
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Horse Pasture Rotation

By practicing pasture rotation, you can reduce or eliminate the cost of hay during the growing season. If you put a little thought into how you rotate the pastures, you'll not only save money, you will provide your horse with quality food. After reading this article, you will know when to rotate your horses on...
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