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5 Tips on How to Raise Bees

Raising bees should be considered as something beneficial for a number of aspects. First, it could be a very good choice for a hobby which can be developed for a profitable small to medium business. Producing quality honey and sell it to a targeted market is something very feasible to accomplish. Bees are wonderful creatures that...
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Raising Baby Chickens

A nonbreeder chicken will naturally get broody every spring. They'll begin to fuss and cluck more than usual, refuse to leave the nest and generally get maternal. (more…)...
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5 Tips to Help You Start Raising Goats

Without a doubt, goat farming is one of the more profitable businesses these days. Aside from selling fresh and processed meats in the markets, there is also goat milk that can be harvested and sold fresh or used as ingredients to other food items (e.g. candy, cheese, yogurt, etc.) and skin care products (e.g. lotions,...
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Peppermint Offers Safe, Non-Toxic Deterrent to Mice

The scurrying of tiny mice feet on a kitchen floor, or the not-so-subtle droppings in the corner of the living room are enough to make even the most unflappable homeowners shudder and launch into a frantic search for the mice that have invaded their home. Read more

Solving The Rabbit Problem

Woodchucks or rabbits got your number? Just as your vegetables are coming up will some wretched creature get most of them? Has this made you mad enough to think about giving up vegetable gardening altogether? (more…)...
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Goat Milk : The Source of High Quality Milk

Goat milk is delicious and healthier. Goat milk is more beneficial to health unlike the cow milk as it helps in metabolic as well as digestive utilization of the minerals. Goat milk can prevent bone demineralization as well as anaemia. There will not be clustering of fat globules in goat milk, as there is no...
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