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Bears! Know What to Do If You See One or One Attacks You

If you are out hiking in the mountains then you are a lucky person because mountains are amazing places to be. But, what should you do if you happen to come across a bear? You may see a bear at a safe distance or you may come around a curve in the trail, surprise a...
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What Breed of Chickens Lay Brown Eggs

There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions about what chicken will lay what kind of egg. You may have heard that the color of the chicken plays a role in the color of the egg, this is a common misconception. Below are some of the most common chickens that lay brown chicken eggs as...
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Important Techniques When Fishing Bass

Cast the lure out and wait for it to settle on the bottom. Work or reel it very slow. Cast the lure on the edge of the lily pads so it cranks down the drop off on the first part of your retrieve. Different colors work in different lakes during different light conditions. Casting or...
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The Beekeeping Smoker in Action

A beekeeping smoker, or just called a smoker, is a tool to produce smoke in the attempt to calm down bees. The basic principle is smouldering some fuel, which is the flameless type of combustion of the fuel. (more…)...
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Plants That Will Feed Your Chickens for Free

We're not talking about purchasing some acreage and a tractor for you to grow wheat on. We're not talking about raiding feed silo doorways for spilled piles of grain (never do this). We're not even talking about raiding kind grocery stores for their day old produce and bread- which many grocery stores won't entertain by...
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Pig Farming at Home

If you would like to enjoy pork without spending a lot of money, and maybe earn a few bucks for yourself, too, consider pig farming in your own backyard. However, before venturing into that area, familiarize yourself first with 10 basic guides in pig farming. (more…)...
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