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Let the land nurture you.

How to Build a Cellar-Part 1

The year round availability of fresh produce at supermarkets in this modern society has pretty much eliminated the use of the historic age-old root cellars. It appears that all that remains of its existence are the fond childhood memories of that deep dark scary place known only to a kid as a fort! However, as...
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Did You Know You Can Eat Lavender?

Although when lavender is mentioned visions of sweet smelling cachets, perfumes and oils come to mind, lavender is an herb....and....a very tasty one at that. The use of the lavender herb as an aromatic or medicinal herb has been common throughout history. (more…)...
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Rabbit Borne Diseases – The Invisible Danger Hiding in Your Yard

Have you spotted wild rabbits in your yard? Not only do they love eating your vegetation, they could also harbor rabbit borne diseases. Research has proven that there are many zoonotic rabbit borne diseases, meaning the disease can be transmitted from animals to humans. Since one rabbit can have up to 800 offspring in one...
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Wildlife Food: A History of Nuts, Berries, Fruits and Acorns

For over 100 years hunting plantations have been planting fruit trees for wildlife food and shelter. Like the old English hunting plantations, today's hunters are realizing that big deer, strong bucks and graceful does, hardy turkey, fat quail, and dove come from supplementing what would otherwise experience a very mediocre diet by planting and growing...
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Ornamental Flowers – Good Enough to Eat

We are all familiar with vegetable flowers in the form of Cauliflower, Broccoli and Artichokes, but other, more ornamental flowers have been used in the cuisine of cultures all over the world for thousands of years. The Romans were keen on them, as were the ancient Chinese, and European medieval writings talk about feasts of...
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Self Reliant Living – Homesteading Can Be Done Cheap

Self reliant living or homestead as it is sometimes called is becoming very popular these days. Everyone is getting fed up with the rising costs of food. Given the recent food scares that keep popping up, you never know if it is safe to eat the food you bought at the store. Read more

How to Make Acorn Flour

Live Oak Tree Acorn Traditions

The mighty live oak has captured the hearts and minds of many cultures throughout the ages, with several, like the pagans, actually worshiping trees. It's not that great a surprise when you realize that oak trees are useful in building, homeopathy, and even as a food source! Read more

The Benefits of Milling Grain at Home

To some, the concept of milling grain at home may appear to be a rather time consuming task. However, as time consuming as it can be, it does hold some great benefits. It is an unfortunate fact that very few families consider milling their own grain simply because of the convenience that comes from purchasing...
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