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Green Ideas – Making Sumac Tea and “Lemon”ade

No doubt you've seen them before. Sumac is a plant that grows wild all over New Hampshire. It will grow in places where it seems inhospitable to almost any plant. And it makes a great tea or lemonade from late fall right on through spring when the old clusters dry out and are replaced with...
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Build Your Chicken Coop Right The First Time

To start the process, your first decision is choosing the right coop. Sketch the design you have in mind for your coop. If you live in town, check on zoning regulations that may apply. If you have close neighbors, make sure your chicken coop design fits the aesthetics of your neighborhood. Read more

Feeding Bees – When, What and How to Feed

There are times where you need to put forth the attention on the feeding of your bees. Neglecting the needs of your bees during different times throughout the year will cause the bees to seek for other food sources for the sake of survival. And when this happens, you're the one who will carry all...
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5 Tips on How to Raise Bees

Raising bees should be considered as something beneficial for a number of aspects. First, it could be a very good choice for a hobby which can be developed for a profitable small to medium business. Producing quality honey and sell it to a targeted market is something very feasible to accomplish. Bees are wonderful creatures that...
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Raising Baby Chickens

A nonbreeder chicken will naturally get broody every spring. They'll begin to fuss and cluck more than usual, refuse to leave the nest and generally get maternal. (more…)...
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5 Tips to Help You Start Raising Goats

Without a doubt, goat farming is one of the more profitable businesses these days. Aside from selling fresh and processed meats in the markets, there is also goat milk that can be harvested and sold fresh or used as ingredients to other food items (e.g. candy, cheese, yogurt, etc.) and skin care products (e.g. lotions,...
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