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Beautiful and Delicious

Visit a flower garden and your senses are immediately rewarded.You enjoy the sight of the flowers' colors, their shapes and their intricate designs. You smell their fragrances. You feel the varied textures of their petals. But what about their sense of taste? (more…)...
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Making Common Weeds Useful

Sometimes, in spite of using natural weed control methods such as mulching and feeding the "good" plants you want so they become strong and vigorous (and thus able to crowd out the weedy competition), weeds still grow. (more…)...
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Dandelions: A Good Friend in Time of Need

Dandelions are recognized because of their dazzling yellow flowers that are later replaced by a round puff ball, dispatching seeds with the wind. Other people look at this flower as being a chronic weed that will invade even a pristine yard. (more…)...
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Flowers and Cuisines

Many cuisines, including our own, incorporate flowers as a matter of course. Yet it would take courage to go against the grain and create potentially edible wedding bouquets. (more…)...
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Peppermint Offers Safe, Non-Toxic Deterrent to Mice

The scurrying of tiny mice feet on a kitchen floor, or the not-so-subtle droppings in the corner of the living room are enough to make even the most unflappable homeowners shudder and launch into a frantic search for the mice that have invaded their home. Read more

Solving The Rabbit Problem

Woodchucks or rabbits got your number? Just as your vegetables are coming up will some wretched creature get most of them? Has this made you mad enough to think about giving up vegetable gardening altogether? (more…)...
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Goat Milk : The Source of High Quality Milk

Goat milk is delicious and healthy. Goat milk is more beneficial to health unlike the cow milk as it helps in metabolic as well as digestive utilization of the minerals. Goat milk can prevent bone demineralization as well as anemia. There will not be clustering of fat globules in goat milk, as there is no...
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