Hydrating Eyelash Honey Balm & Makeup Remover

Tired of using an eye makeup remover that irritates your eyes and skin? This one isn’t just gentle; it also soothes the skin around your eyes, as well as your eyelashes.

Yield: Makes two applications


1 teaspoon - honey
3 teaspoons - castor oil


In a small bowl, combine honey and castor oil. Cover mixture and allow to settle for one week in a cool area, mixing it every so often until a homogenous solution is achieved. Use every night to remove mascara and eye makeup while nourishing lashes.

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    Thanks for sharing this useful DIY makeup tips. We can make it with natural materials and surely it will have less/no side-effects on eyes. Using market products or chemicals can harm the eye or eyelash drastically. So we should be careful in use of eyelash remover products.

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