Simpler Living – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder

“I believe we would be happier to have a personal revolution in our individual lives and go back to simpler living and more direct thinking.”

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

No Tea – Japanese Proverb


“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”

~ Japanese Proverb

Choose for Themselves – Wayne Dyer

Photo Credit: Phil Konstantin

“Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.”

~ Wayne Dyer

Each Day a Special Occasion – Sarah Ban Breathnach


“Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.”

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Afraid to Follow Our Passions – Robyn Allen


“Many of us are afraid to follow our passions, to pursue what we want most because it means taking risks and even facing failure. But to pursue your passion with all your heart and soul is success in itself. The greatest failure is to have never really tried.”

~ Robyn Allen

Believe in Yourself – Christian D. Larson


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.”

~ Christian D. Larson

Extend to Each Person – Og Mandino


“Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”

~ Og Mandino

Perseverance is a Great Element of Success – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


“Perseverance is a great element of success; if you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate you are sure to wake up somebody.”

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

May Your Walls Know Joy – Mary Anne Radmacher


“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Joy and Hope are Never Separate – Henri Nouwen


“Joy and hope are never separate. I have never met a hopeful person who was depressed or a joyful person who had lost hope…It is important to become aware that at every moment of our life we have the opportunity to choose joy. It is in the choice that our true freedom lies, and that freedom is, in the final analysis, the freedom to love.”

~  Henri Nouwen

Excuse Not to Do Something – David Copperfield


“The easiest thing in the world is to come up with an excuse not to do something. I found that the most important thing in life is to stop saying, I wish, and to start saying, I will.”

~ David Copperfield

I Shall Pass Through This World But Once – Stephen Grellet


“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.”

~ Stephen Grellet

Keep on Going – Charles F. Kettering


“Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.

~ Charles F. Kettering

Acknowledging the Good – Eckhart Tolle

photo credit:Kyle Hoobin

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

Summer Days – David Mixner


“My family lived off the land and summer evening meals featured baked stuffed tomatoes, potato salad, corn on the cob, fresh shelled peas and homemade ice cream with strawberries from our garden. With no air conditioning in those days, the cool porch was the center of our universe after the scorching days.”

~ David Mixner

Have Faith in Yourself – Bethany College


“Have faith in yourself. But have faith in your friends and neighbors, too. I know life is competitive- but it isn’t a jungle. Like begets like. Faith inspires faith. People give back substantially what we give them.”

~ Bethany College

Better and Happier – Mother Teresa


“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”

~ Mother Teresa

Change The World – Nelson Mandela


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

~ Nelson Mandela

Raise Up a Saddened and Wounded Soul – Therese of Lisieux


“One word or a pleasing smile is often enough to raise up a saddened and wounded soul.”

~ Therese of Lisieux

Ordinary Riches Can Be Stolen – Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Stepping Stone – Preston Bush


“An obstacle is often a stepping stone.”

~ Preston Bush

Fork in The Road – Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

~ Yogi Berra

A True Soulmate – Elizabeth Gilbert


“A true soulmate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

How We Handle Today – Charles Swindoll


“The secret lies in how we handle today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Today… that special block of time holding the key that locks out yesterday’s nightmares and unlocks tomorrow’s dreams.”

~ Charles Swindoll

As We Let Our Own Light Shine – Marianne Williamson


“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

~ Marianne Williamson