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Chicken Egg Laying – How Many Eggs Are Normal?


Your chicks are now old enough that they are beginning to lay eggs but you may wonder “How many eggs are normal” in the realm of chicken egg laying?

Plants That Will Feed Your Chickens for Free


We’re not talking about purchasing some acreage and a tractor for you to grow wheat on. We’re not talking about raiding feed silo doorways for spilled piles of grain (never do this). We’re not even talking about raiding kind grocery stores for their day old produce and bread- which many grocery stores won’t entertain by the way. No, we’re talking about feeding your chickens a harvest from the landscape and reasonable space you already have. So how do you do it? What should you grow? Here is our list of fruiting plants that will feed your chickens for free.

Feed Your Family By Raising Good Chicken Egg Layers

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If you have the time and space to raise chicken egg layers, it is a great way to feed your family healthy eggs full of nutrients. Eggs raised organically, from chickens that have been fed organic feed and have been allowed to graze on natural grass are healthier than eggs available in grocery stores. In fact, eggs raised organically have been known to be lower in cholesterol, and to be higher in Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are great for overall health.

Chickens and The Home Vegetable Garden

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I have recently begun a quest to learn as much as I can on the benefits of chickens that goes beyond their ability to lay eggs. A quest that my wife believes has turned into a near obsession. I’ll save that conversation for a later article and podcast. For now I want to concentrate on why chickens make for a great addition to a backyard home vegetable garden.

Cost of Keeping Chickens

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How much will it cost for those wonderful, free-range eggs laid in your backyard coop?

Are chickens worth the expense?

How long will it take to re-coop the start up costs?

One of the first questions on the minds of future city chicken farmers is the cost of keeping chickens. They might dream of free-range eggs they can gather out of their own yard, but don’t want to sink financially for the privilege.

Best Chicken Breeds for Egg Production


Hens of all breeds lay eggs, but given the same conditions such as care, shelter and food, the best chicken breeds for egg production are just better layers. These chickens were bred for optimal production for eggs almost year-round. They are hardy breeds, but some are better suited to farms and homesteads where others can readily adapt to the backyard coop. Some are active and busy while others are docile and calm. Read on to find out which breeds are suitable for your homestead or backyard situation.

Important Terms To Know About Raising Chickens


Raising chickens is incredibly fun and very rewarding. They are amazing pets and are unfortunately underrated and not thought of as first options by people looking to buy pets. They are very friendly, deliver fresh eggs and also make great gardeners. Your chickens will fertilize your plants and kill pest and bugs in your yard for you. I have put together a list of common words used when talking about chickens that will be important to know if you are getting into the wonderful world of chicken raising.

Keeping Hens in The Garden


Keeping hens in the garden is easy. Hens are friendly and sociable creatures and not hard to care for. Hens do not also need as much space as one might expect. Their owners do not even need to keep roosters. Hens just have to be provided with shelter, food, and fresh water, and they would already make great pets. If one allows hens to roam in his or her garden, it is best to monitor the activities of the hens themselves. This should be done to prevent the hens from devouring plants instead of weeds.

The Care and Handling of Baby Chicks


It’s 7:15 in the morning. You are checking email and drinking coffee in your robe and slippers when the phone rings. It is the US Postal Service telling you that they have a box of baby chicks for you.

Materials and Tools For a Chicken Pen


So hopefully you are here because you are interested in becoming a chicken owner, whether it is for eggs, meat or just the fact that they are amazingly fun pets to have and make great gardeners. Like all pets, you need to make sure your chickens are healthy, happy and are safe from outside threats. A key component to make sure all you accomplish all of these things is having a proper chicken run. Before building your run you need to gather the right materials and tools, so hopefully I can help you with that in this article.

Starting a Chicken Farm the Organic Way – Guidelines for Raising Organic Chickens In Your Backyard


The concept of an organic chicken is still in the gray areas even now as the certain conditions that are required for organically starting a chicken farm could be varied and sometimes conflicting from one farm to another. So what really is the meaning of “organic” in the whole context of organic chicken farming?

Breeding Chickens


If you have been thinking about starting poultry of your own but don’t know how to begin, then this article is written for you. You must have gone through several books and websites that will provide you detailed information regarding the same. If you read below, you will have a complete idea of breeding chickens in simple easy-to-follow steps. Here are the steps that will guide you on the entire process:

Treats For Your Chickens


Just like you and me, chickens love having little treats to keep them happy and motivated to keep on fighting the good fight. So go out and buy your chickens a box of chocolates or maybe a nice big cake. Just kidding, your chickens’ treats are not the same as our treats. So instead of buying them candy and sweets, your chickens will love you when you give them some different vegetables and fruits. I will run down a little list of great treats you can give your chickens to keep them happy with you.

What Breed of Chicken is Best for The Backyard Chicken Coop

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If you’re thinking about getting chickens for your backyard, you’ve likely wondered what type of chicken is best for your backyard. As there are hundreds of breeds of chickens to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming when deciding on a breed.

Eggs – A Great Source of Homesteading Income


The best thing about having chickens is the eggs. Not only will these wonderful birds provide you will meat, they can also provide you will all the quiches, omelets and casseroles your heart desires. Better still, they can be a great source of income for homesteaders.

How Warm Should A Chicken Coop Be?

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Selecting a proper temperature for your new chicken coop will depend upon its application. Standard Chicken coops that will house full grown adult birds should be kept at comfortable room temperatures year round, and use fans during the summer to move air.

Scared Chickens Don’t Lay Eggs!

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It’s a fact if a chicken is scared or excited; their egg production goes down the tube. With more citified folks attempting to grow their own food, those who have decided to raise chickens may need to know how to protect them from harm. Like my friend in Maryland who decided to raise Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons, many varmints other than humans like to have a nice chicken dinner.

How To Feed Chickens


So you have decided to buy your own chickens, great! They are so much fun and very rewarding pets to have, they will lay you fresh eggs and keep your yard healthy by eating weeds and pests that annoy your grass and plants. If you are reading this article you are here for help on what to feed your chickens, well don’t stress too much, because it is fairly simple. Besides some basic nutrients and vitamins, their diets are almost impossible to mess up because they will eat just about anything. Meat, vegetables, bugs, pests, weeds, you name it, they will eat it.

Garden Hens In The Cold And Rain

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A hen’s feathers keep the cold out when the air is dry and still, so they don’t mind the cold. But draughts can get under the feathers, and wet feathers don’t work as well, so keeping hens dry and draught-free is vital.

Chicken Runs and Coops for the Undecided Rancher


Have you thought about raising chickens for all the benefits you heard about having chickens in your back yard. Would you like fresh eggs, pets for the children, fertilizer for your lawn? Have you gone back and forth about the pros and cons of raising chickens? Like daily care, watering, feeding, cleaning, and clipping wing tips?

Raleigh the Rooster


Our twenty five acre tobacco farm was in the eastern part of North Carolina. We were not rich by any stretch of the imagination in fact I suppose looking back we were very poor. Tobacco farming was very hard work and all eight of us had to work from dawn till near dark just to keep food on the table. I was the youngest boy and I had a great deal of work to do. I can remember wearing overalls most of my childhood and wearing my brothers hand me downs.

What To Feed Chickens For The Best Egg Laying Output

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Chicken feeding is more than simply putting out some grains for your pullets. If you would like to keep hens that provide you with high quality eggs on a consistent basis you must recognize a few fundamentals about chicken feeding. When chickens first start producing eggs, through the early laying phase, they are still growing and maturing. All through this phase they require a greater quantity of protein. As the quantity of eggs begins to diminish their protein needs also fall.

How to Use a Chicken Nesting Box (Roosting Box)

Chicken Roosting boxes should be made from exterior grade plywood, and generally should not be stained. They work best when they are about 12 inches deep, 12 inches wide and about 12 inches tall on the side that mounts to the inside of the chicken coop. The chicken nesting boxes have a sloping top that slopes down to end up below the roosting perch. This is where chickens sit, and then lay their eggs into the chicken nesting or roosting box below.

Keeping Chicken – Chicken Parasites, Causes and Treatments

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Chickens in general are a hardy lot, but they are also very susceptible to various chicken parasites, infestations, and diseases. All of this though could be avoided very easily provided the symptoms are recognized early and treatments are done swiftly. Not acting on it soon enough could cause infestation that could contaminate the entire flock.

Chicken Egg Laying Problems That Commonly Occur

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Raising egg laying hens is a great family project that everyone in can enjoy. Most people keep hens in their backyard for the fresh eggs they provide. Chicken egg laying problems can be very upsetting for families that depend on their eggs. But it is a fact that if you are going to keep chickens, you are going to experience chicken egg laying problems at one point or another.

Can Chicks Defend Themselves from Older Chickens?

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I have had chickens for many years and over the years raised a lot of chicks. What I have learned is that chicks defend themselves from other chickens just fine as long as they are big enough. Younger chicks defend themselves mainly by running away at first and then as they get older they will actually directly challenge anyone that is bullying them.

Fencing for Chickens – Fencing to Keep Your Chickens Alive

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Fencing For Chickens

When I bought my first chickens, it never occurred to be look into fencing for chickens because I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I was going to let my chickens be free range animals so they didn’t need fences. I was very proud of the fact that my chickens were going to be allowed to roam whever there wanted to with no fencing between them and freedom!

How Do I Keep Mice and Rats Out of My Chicken Coop?

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I love backyard chickens but I’m definitely not a fan of mice and rats. Just because you have chickens in your backyard, doesn’t mean you also have to have mice or rats in your chicken coop.

How Big Should Your Hen House Be For Your Chicken Flock?

Most anyone that is going to build a hen house wonders “how big should your hen house be?” The bottom line is that the size of your hen house will depend on how many chickens you have. The more chickens you have, the bigger your hen house will have to be.

How Weather Affects Your Chicken Runs and Coops

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Weather can affect your chicken runs and coops in different parts of the world. How does the weather affect your chicken runs and coops? We will look at some of the different situations, conditions and recommend a few solutions in this article.

Treating Your Chickens for Lice and Mites

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No pet owner wants their pet to experience mites or lice. These tiny creatures even find their way into the backyard chicken coop, affecting the health of your chickens which can then impact the quantity and quality of eggs they produce.

What can I Feed My Chickens?

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If you are a new owner of backyard chickens,  it is possible you have wondered which kitchen scraps are safe to give your chickens and which are best kept for the compost heap.

How To Build Chicken Coops

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There are a number of factors that a person needs to consider when he or she looks to build chicken coops.

Build Your Chicken Coop Right The First Time

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To start the process, your first decision is choosing the right coop. Sketch the design you have in mind for your coop. If you live in town, check on zoning regulations that may apply. If you have close neighbors, make sure your chicken coop design fits the aesthetics of your neighborhood.

Raising Baby Chickens


A nonbreeder chicken will naturally get broody every spring. They’ll begin to fuss and cluck more than usual, refuse to leave the nest and generally get maternal.

How to Get Farm Fresh Eggs Straight from Your Backyard


Fresh, healthy eggs. Natural fertilizer and pest control. A chance to teach your kids the value of growing their own food. These are just some of the reasons backyard chickens have moved from a novelty to a mainstream trend.