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The Beekeeping Smoker in Action

Photo Credit: Ronnie B.

A beekeeping smoker, or just called a smoker, is a tool to produce smoke in the attempt to calm down bees. The basic principle is smouldering some fuel, which is the flameless type of combustion of the fuel.

What Do Bees Do in the Winter?


Here in Northeast Ohio when the weather drops below 50 degrees and we are deep into fall, the bees go into their hive usually not to be seen again until the warm spring sun hits the side of the hive and signals the bees that it is time to come out once more. ” But what do the honeybees do in the in the winter” is the question I get asked most during the wintertime. Do they die? Do they fly south for the winter? Do they hibernate?

10 Things You Can Do To Help Native Bees

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Unfortunately, it seems like our civilization has declared war on native bees. Over-development, habitat destruction, and diminishing plant diversity have all negatively impacted our bee populations. And, this is occurring during a period when we really need our native bees more than ever before.

A Quick Look at the Worker Honey Bee

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Worker honey bees are the smallest members of the hive, size wise, but constitute the majority of bees occupying the colony.

Marion’s Bee Keeping Journey

Bee_hive_2,_Luxembourg_Gardens_Mitch Barrie

While trying to know more about bee keeping, I had the chance to post some questions to Marion, a beekeeper whom I met on the web. And he was quick to share his thoughts on the subject.

Make Your Own Honey Cow

honeycow-Abe Connally

Beekeeping is an ancient DIY art, performed by amateurs and makers for centuries. Anyone can produce natural honey at home. People keep bees in many different kinds of hives, but we will focus on a cheap and simple design, called the Honey Cow.

Beekeeping Equipment – The Essential Tools You Need For Your Homestead Hive


Having the right beekeeping equipment is crucial for the successful homestead beekeeper. If you are thinking of having a colony or two of bees on your property, here is a list of some of the tools you will need:

Different Ways of Getting Honey Bees Into Your Own Hives


Beekeeping is a hobby that is gaining a lot of attention lately. The reason why it is gaining a lot of this attention is because the demand of honey has risen because of its health benefits and because bees help in the pollination of our plants. On the other hand it can be a source of income because you can sell the honey produced by your bees.

20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts! Potpuno besplatne slike visokog kvaliteta.

Some honey bee facts really deserved to be shared, after all so many healing and health-promoting opportunities for us humans start with this little busy creature. As you read the following 20 truths about honey bee, you will be so intrigued just like me by this tiny fellow’s extraordinary abilities.

The Homestead Beekeeper – Tips on Keeping Bees


The homestead beekeeper knows there is no better form of self reliance than keeping a colony or two of these wonderful insects around. They not only provide a nourishing food packed with health benefits and nutrition, but bees also provide excellent pollination for your garden and orchard. Think far more abundant harvest year after year.

Admire and Save The Honey Bee

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“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live,” said Albert Einstein.

Did the physicist predict all those years ago the precarious situation we are potentially facing in years to come?

Bee Hive Construction – Assembling Supers and Frames

Photo Credit: Kakisky

Constructing your bee hive is like some enjoyment, especially if you are fond to do such things pertaining craftsmanship. If you are not sure about yourself, you can let a skilled carpentry to do it for you. The important thing here is that you’re well informed about how to construct it the right way to get the right bee hive construction.

Bee Honey Extractor at Work

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A bee honey extractor is basically a modified centrifuge which is designed to extract honey from the hives without damaging the honey comb. The construction of an extractor includes a container that holds a basket of frames in it, which spins throwing the honey out of the frames by the centrifugal force.

Bee Honey Production

Photo credit: Scott M. Liddell

Beekeeping is like running a business entity with a simple and solid management system. It consists of a factory with thousand of workers, your honey worker bees and yourself on top of the organization and concurrently holding the positions of factory, marketing and sales manager, and maybe the finance and administration manager too.

Beekeeper Starter Kits – A Smart Choice to Start Beekeeping

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Starting beekeeping is really easy, assuming you have read a guide or handbook about beekeeping or gather information from other reliable resources. After you gain sufficient understanding about beekeeping, you will be ready to implement all the theories and knowledge and put them into real practices.

Beekeeping Equipment and the Honey Bees


Like many hobbies, beekeeping requires some basic equipment before someone can establish a successful hive. This equipment should be bought before you get a call from the post office asking you to come and pick up the honey bees.

Beekeeping Information – Introduction to an Incredible Hobby

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Beekeeping represents the care and management of a beehive or hives. The rewards from this hobby include gathering honey and beeswax. Not surprisingly, beekeeping as both a hobby and commercial venture has been around for over 160 years.

Beekeeper’s Hat and Veil, Do Not Go Out for Beekeeping With Out It

Photo Credit: kakisky

Many people find that the beekeeper’s hat is the most important part of a beekeeping protective gear. But, is that really the case? Than what is the importance of a veil? Is it less important than the hat? Well, to answer those questions lets have a closer look at both the hat and veil.

Is a Beekeeper’s Handbook Necessary?

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Do you want to start a profitable beekeeping business? Or just want to do it for a hobby? What ever your goal is, beekeeping is really one of the enjoyable things to do. And something that you need to be able to feel the enjoyment of beekeeping is a handbook or guide.

The Beekeeper and Honey

Photo Credit: Wax115

Being a beekeeper and managing honey bees is really an enjoyable job and with great rewards too. Just imagine how you can enjoy the sweet and delicious honey every day, while at the same time you’ll get the benefit of pollination from plants and flowers in nearby gardens. Actually, your hard working honey bees are doing the essential part of your job, the collection of honey.

The Importance of Using a Beekeeper Suit

Photo Credit: kakisky

Prior to working with bees, you should really understand how the bees are making use of their first line defense. Even with a clear understanding, a beekeeper should still use protective clothing just for their safety.

The Major Importance of Beekeeper Supplies

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Using the right beekeeping supplies is very important. Beekeeping is a job which is exposed to some danger of being stung by the bees. Using the right supplies can minimize this. The supplies are used when extracting the honey and when managing and maintaining the bee colonies in a proper manner.

Feeding Bees – When, What and How to Feed


There are times where you need to put forth the attention on the feeding of your bees. Neglecting the needs of your bees during different times throughout the year will cause the bees to seek for other food sources for the sake of survival. And when this happens, you’re the one who will carry all the loss cause by the swarming of your starving bees.

5 Tips on How to Raise Bees


Raising bees should be considered as something beneficial to a number of aspects. First, it could be a very good choice for a hobby which can be developed to a profitable small to medium business. Producing quality honey and sell them to a targeted market is something very feasible to accomplish.