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Can I Keep Goats and Sheep Together?

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Goats and Sheep are a very common beginner animal when one is looking to get into raising livestock for the homestead. Whether you are raising livestock for meat, milk or wool/fiber, both goats and sheep have something to offer. Many people will begin their livestock venture with either a few goats or a few sheep but further down the line, they decide they would like to add goats to their farm if they only have sheep or vice-versa.

Milking Katahdin Sheep


Raising sheep for meat is becoming more common in the US but it also becoming much more common for people to raise sheep for milk.

Breeding Sheep – A Beginner’s Guide Before You Start Raising Sheep


Sheep husbandry or breeding sheep is the act of breeding and raising domestic sheep for the purpose of harvesting its milk, wool, or meat. The top sheep producing countries in the world are: Australia, New Zealand, Iran, United Kingdom, Turkey, Syria, India, Spain, Sudan, and Pakistan.

Care for Sheep – How To Properly Handle Sheep With a High Chance of Success

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Are you strongly considering getting into the sheep raising business? Whether you’ve decided to raise sheep for profit or for hobby, there are some things that you must know before you get started.

Dealing with Sheep Predators in Your Ranch – Protect Your Sheep From Predation


Sheep producers in all corners of the United States are faced with single type of predator or an additional, whether it’s the wolf and coyote in Montana or a dog in Massachusetts. The mainly harmful of predators to a sheep business is the one causing the largely difficulty at that particular period and in that place.

Don’t Go Raising Sheep for Wool Without Reading This!


There are many possible reasons why people choose to raise sheep. Some do it as a means of livelihood or for profitable opportunities. Others do it to have companionship. And some do it simply to experience what it is like to raise animals. If you’re thinking of raising sheep for wool, it’s best to think about the things you have to deal with along the way before making an irreversible decision.

Feeding Sheep The Right Way – Nutritional Needs For Raising Healthy Sheep


Today we will talk about the proper nutrition for your sheep. Sheep get most of their nutritional needs from the following in no particular order:

Facts About Sheep Behavior To Help You Raise Sheep Easily

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Sheep are prey animals with a strong gregarious instinct, and a majority of sheep behaviors can be understood in these conditions.

Feeding Sheep Efficiently – 3 Important Factors To Ensure That You Raise Healthy Sheep

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Raising sheep can be fun. It is an enjoyable activity that you can do whether you are retired and looking for a hobby, want to make profits, or like to see what it is like doing a largely rural activity

Guide to Raising Sheep – Simple and Straightforward Tips to Know Before You Raise Sheep

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This is a simple and straightforward guide to raising sheep.

Consider Fencing Sheep – Efficiency of Electric Sheep Fences

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Sheep, like goats and cows are livestock that are grazers and are best kept in their natural environment. As herbivores, the sheep’s sources of sustenance are grass and shrubs. As a matter of fact, a productive sheep and lamb industry are hugely dependent on the type of open space where the sheep are raised, that is why sheep handlers and owners make sure of the optimum quality of grazing.

Handling Sheep – Studying Sheep’s Behavior Can Help You Become An Effective Sheep Handler

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Handling sheep includes several tasks such as moving the sheep, catching the sheep and restraining them. The first thing that a handler needs to know is that sheep like other livestock need to have a personal space to move about and the handler should respect that. However, there are ways to become an effective sheep handler and the first thing on the list is to understand the sheep’s primal behaviors.

How To Raise Sheep – 3 Easy Tips To Help You In Raising Sheep Successfully


People choose to raise sheep for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s for pure profits or as a pet, sheep can be quite easy to take care of.

How to Raise Sheep – 5 Things to Consider and What You Need to Know When Raising Sheep

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Before anyone can start raising sheep, they first have to know for what purpose they would like to raise sheep.

Raising Sheep for Meat – 4 Important Tips To Start on the Right Track When You Raise Sheep for Meat

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Sheep breeding have different purposes. Some farmers breed sheep for their wool, others for their milk, while others breed sheep for their meat.

Raising Sheep for Wool – All You Need To Know


Raising sheep for wool was the major income source for sheep breeding in the early 1900s. But as the value of wool as a commodity started to decline, farmers and breeders adapted, raising sheep for wool specifically for niche marketing.

Raising Sheep – The Amount of Land and What Types of Machinery Are Needed

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The amount of homeland you will need depends on whether you intend to churn out winter feed in support of your herd and the level of captivity (i.E. Grazing requirements) of the flock.

Raising Sheep – Prevent Sheep Diseases from Spreading


If you’re in the business of raising sheep, one of the first things that you will need to learn is how to get prevent common sheep diseases from spreading.

Raising Wool Sheep – 3 Things You Need To Know When You Venture Into This Profitable Business

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Raising wool sheep can be a very profitable business. There is a constant demand for wool by the fashion industry and being able to produce the best quality wool will bring you considerably high income.

Rearing Sheep – Certain Kinds of Pasture That Sheep Likes

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There are specific kinds of pasture with the intention that sheep like, such as sod type grasses that are reasonably fine stemmed and eminent quality. They do not support coarse grasses such as bluestems or love grass.

Rearing Sheep – Housing & Ventilation for Healthy Sheep

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Sheep do not require elaborate housing. Although additional considerations should be made in place of new livestock and for the period of lambing, adult sheep do not require a humid barn and can flourish if they are provided with a draft limitless place to get out of the snow and wind.

Sheep Handling – 10 Quick Tips To Proper Sheep Management


Although sheep breeding has the potential to give back lucrative earnings, you need to be ready to invest your time and effort before you can start enjoying the rewards.

Sheep Farming – Choose The Type of Sheep Breeds That Will Be Most Suitable For You


Sheep farming is an activity that must come into careful thinking if you plan to engage in it. Ask yourself the questions necessary to get you started. Why raise sheep?

Sheep Handling Equipments – How It Can Help the Sheep Owner To Manage The Flock Effectively

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While working hands-on is the only way to achieve the optimum results. But that doesn’t mean that he or she does it with his or her own bare hands. That’s why sheep owners must purchase their very own sheep handling equipments to manage the flock effectively.

Sheep Production – What To Look Out For During Sheep Reproduction

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Sheep stick to a comparable reproductive strategy to other herd animals. A cluster of ewes is commonly mated by a single ram, who has either been chosen by a breeder or has established dominance through tangible contest with other rams.

Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Consider Raising Sheep for Milk


These days, you can choose to raise sheep for a variety of reasons. Believe it or not, sheep are becoming quite a popular choice for pets. They are turned into trusty companions of rural families and the elderly who want to enjoy their retirement in a farm.

Raising Sheep – Top 4 Tips to Prevent Sheep Diseases From Spreading


If you’re in the business of raising sheep, one of the first things that you will need to learn is how to get prevent common sheep diseases from spreading.

How To Raise Sheep – 5 Things You Need To Consider When Planning For Sheep Housing

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Though it’s easy to overlook the importance of having the proper sheep housing for your herd, this is actually one of the more crucial factors that you’ll need to deal with when taking proper care of sheep.

What Do Sheep Eat? Keeping Your Sheep Healthy Will Require a Certain Diet


So you’ve decided to raise sheep for their produce such as for meat or their wool. Part of having a good livestock produce is by keeping your sheep healthy and well fed. So what do sheep eat?

How to Get Farm Fresh Eggs Straight from Your Backyard


Fresh, healthy eggs. Natural fertilizer and pest control. A chance to teach your kids the value of growing their own food. These are just some of the reasons backyard chickens have moved from a novelty to a mainstream trend.