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BEWARE: Your Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove May Be Harming Your Health in an Unexpected Way


As the air becomes more frigid, families gather around fireplaces and wood-burning stoves seeking warm comfort. Unfortunately for many — especially those who suffer from asthma and allergies — the use of such heating devices can trigger health-related disasters in unexpected ways.

No Electricity for Weeks – What Would You Do?


My son and I have been watching the Little House on the Prairie series on DVD.

If you’re not familiar with this icon of 1970s North American television, it’s the story of a pioneer family in Walnut Grove, a tiny town in Minnesota in the late 1800s. We’ve watched them battle blizzards and crop failures, economic downturns and pandemics. And through it all, there’s something staring the viewer in the face – there was a world before electricity. And a big, rich one at that. People were resilient – they knew how to look after themselves, and bounced back from calamity.

How to Store and Dry Firewood


If you are going to heat your home with wood heat it is important that you keep your firewood dry. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you will have a dry supply of firewood for the winter.

How to have Fuel and Heat in a Power Outage


How to survive power outtages using a copper reflux still.

Making Natural Wood Charcoal


Natural wood charcoal has many uses. We use charcoal on our homestead on a weekly basis. You can use it for grilling, a heat source, gardening, water filtration, making pine glue, and more. Natural wood charcoal is also very expensive, but easy to make.

Get Free Energy by Going Off the Grid For an Alternative Power Source


When we talk about getting energy “off the grid”, we’re talking about an alternative power source to bring electricity into your home. Power companies create electricity through huge generators. That electricity is then shipped through wires across long distances and into individual homes by power poles and wires. Most people who want power contact their local utility company. That company then sends someone out to connect the wires from the electric poles to their home.

Simple and Economical Emergency Candle Making


While many people rely on a flashlight in case the power goes out, those only provide light as long as their batteries last. Candles can provide a good alternative to have accessible in case of an emergency. A few basic items that you might already have around the house and some preparation time are all that is needed for candle making.

How to Build a Solar Oven


Are you a layman who intends to be a self-sufficient learner? Here is one such thing that you can learn to build. The ‘solar oven’ is a laughably simple design that can be built in about ten minutes. Using two cardboard boxes and a plastic oven bag, you can use the energy of the sun to heat food, either as an experiment in solar technology, or because it’s a low-resource means to cook food. This design can also be utilized in a disaster-preparedness scenario in which you don’t have access to more conventional means of cooking. This design has been adapted for populations in developing countries that primarily use wood for cooking fires. Wood cook-fires in developing countries lead to health problems that come from inhaling airborne ash, as wood fires indoors, without proper ventilation, will collect smoke.

How to Prepare for Power Outages


Mother Nature is full of surprises, especially during the winter months when freezing temperatures, ice, snow and high winds can knock out power to your home. Not only is a power outage inconvenient, it can threaten your safety. Your power can go out without notice, so make sure you’re prepared the next time you’re left in the dark.