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A Brief History of The Horse

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Before we get started on a brief account of the ‘History of the Horse’ here are a few facts I thought you would find interesting.

Are Horse Blankets Really Necessary?


Physically the horse is a thing of incredible beauty and unbelievable wonder. There are very few things in the world more beautiful then a well groomed horse in motion. It doesn’t matter if that horse is performing a complicated dressage test, running down the backstretch, sailing over a jump, or chasing after a calf, the horse is a thing of incredible beauty.

Feeding Old Aging Horses


Owning an old horse can be at time upsetting when you see your old companion fading away. However, nowadays, horses can live happily until a very old age, some well after the age of 30. Hopefully this article will help you and your old mate find the right care.

Horses with Arthritis – Benefits of Hawthorn


Horses with arthritis could possibly benefit greatly from eating Hawthorn, both the tops of the plant and the berries. Its proper botanical name is Crataegus monogyna & Crataegus oxyacantha and it is considered an extremely valuable medicinal herb.

Ensuring Your Horse Gets the Proper Nutrition


Owning a pet of any kind comes with a lot of responsibilities, and that is doubly true if you own a horse. They require a lot of upkeep and a lot of work, but for those who have a passion for these beautiful animals, it’s worth it. One of the biggest things that you will struggle to keep up with as a horse owner is the basics of equine nutrition.

What’s in Your Pasture

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What’s in Your Pasture?

Horses have a natural chewing instinct. In the wild, they spend a large portion of each day grazing on grass, herbs and even trees. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause a lot of problems.

How to Keep Flies Away from Your Horse

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If you aren’t a horse person, you may not know why all the fuss over flies. Certainly they are a nuisance, but what’s the big deal? Flies bite, and those bites can become infected. It’s best to get rid of as many as possible to save you and your horse some grief.

There are several approaches to homemade fly spray, and they do seem to work at least as effectively as storebought stuff. Most of it is also safer than some of the chemical sprays.