Special Eye Cream Recipe

I make this eye cream every year for all of the ladies in my family. Every year I get requests for more. I make it as an eye cream, but some of the ladies even use it as a face cream. It is very soothing and cooling, it relieves puffiness and it doesn't cause breakouts.

1 tbs light sesame oil (I use organic)

3 tbs pure aloe vera gel (be careful of the aloe gels that contain everything but aloe vera. Read the label. I actually use Jason aloe vera gel that is 98% pure but contains spirulina, which is also a moisturizer)

1 or 2 drops vitamin E oil (optional)

Combine ingredients in a small glass jar, like a baby food jar. Contents will not separate if blended well enough. Mixing vigorously with a fork seems to work well. Putting a lid on the jar and shaking works also.

Contents should have a creamy consistency when properly blended.

Store in a cool dark place.

The Author:

by Stormy Wiseman

Photo Credit: Marcus | Freedigitalphotos.net

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