Take Ginger When You Go On a Journey

Never forget to take ginger when you go on a journey, because the unremarkable thing can work wonders when you hurt.


Sometimes you can't help stuffing your gullet with local mouth-watering cuisine, but eating too much may irritate your tooth and suffer from the toothache. Just bite a slice of ginger on the painful place, you will be better.


In cold winter, outdoor fun can also mean frostbite if you don't take an effective measure of freeze-proofing. Just using the ginger juice to rub the skin easily suffering from frostbite can strengthen the anti-cold ability.

Vehicle Sickness

Vehicles are necessary for your trip, but if you are liable to carsickness, seasickness or airsickness, which will badly influence your originally good mood of traveling, even have to stop your trip. Before setting off, you can eat some gingers.

Catch Cold

Indulge yourself to enjoy a wonderful trip after heavy work. You may choose riding for experiencing the speed and passion or choose rock-climbing for challenging the nature, and end your adventure tours with sweating all over, at the moment an unwelcome cold wind blows to you, and catching cold is something easily happening. Just eat hot soup made of the ginger and brown sugar and warm yourself with quilt for producing perspiration, you will soon recover.


Irregular eating habit is young people's common trouble, so the majority of them suffer from the stomachache. None hopes it happened on a trip, but if it really does happen, you just soak the ginger in vinegar the whole night and take the right amount of the ginger and brown sugar, boil with water and use as tea.

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