Using Gin Soaked Raisin to Help Treat Arthritis

There are many home remedies for arthritis. But the one most talked about these days are gin soaked raisins. Many people testify to the healing prowess of this particular remedy. And it is quite easy to prepare too. All you need are a good amount of gin and some golden raisins. Just put the raisins in a big bowl and pour enough gin to cover all of them. Let the raisins absorb the gin and allow the excess gin to evaporate. The whole process may take one week or longer. After which, the raisins will have to be kept in a jar covered tight with its original lid. To help treat arthritis, patients have to eat nine pieces of the prepared raisins daily. The raisins can be added to one's morning cereals or taken as snacks throughout the day.

This remedy sounds strange indeed. And the bigger question is always, will it work? The only way to find out is to try it. As of writing, there is still no medical evidence that gin soaked remedy works for arthritis patients. However, for those who are willing to try and do anything to provide relief for their condition, this simple recipe can be used. Anyway, raisins can be good for the body too. Raisins contain a good amount of antioxidants, which can help restore the functionality of body cells.

The popularity of the gin-soaked raisin remedy started when veteran radio anchor Paul Harvey talked about it in his show. Right after, the word about this holistic remedy spread like wildfire. And a lot of arthritis patient had actually tried it. If all the testimonies of the people who tried the remedy can be qualified as true, then gin soaked raisins must be one of the most effective home remedy there is for arthritis. In fact, this remedy is now being featured in almost all natural, holistic, and herbal books, magazines, and articles that discuss cures and treatments for certain diseases.

Today, there are a lot of variations to the simple recipe of gin-soaked raisin remedy. And almost all of them are coupled with convincing testimonials given by people who had actually tried it. But before anybody think of this as a miracle cure, it is best that the ingredient's nutritional values are considered first. While the testimonials of people are impressive, they are not good enough basis to believe.

Further analysis revealed that raisins do have natural components that can be helpful for arthritis patients. Both white and golden raisins contain sulfides or sulfur that can help relieve arthritic pain. The sulfur is acquired when the grape slowly dries out, as the whole drying out process uses sulfur dioxide as catalyst.

Raisins have high natural chemical content as well. And these natural chemicals have both anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects. Raisins also have pain relieving properties that can treat common illnesses associated to soreness and swelling.

On the other hand, gin is made out of juniper berries. Juniper gives gin its distinct flavor. This herb comes from the conifer plants and evergreens of Europe and North America. These berries are rich in Vitamin C and terpenes. Even the people of the Middle Ages use these berries to treat swelling and pain because it is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Given these facts, there is high potential that gin-soaked raisins may actually help people with arthritis.

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Article Posted: December 7, 2008

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