5 Simple Tips to Achieve Great Curb Appeal

As we freshen up our homes for the warmer months, we often forget to touch up our front yard. Create a lasting first impression with these tips from Cindy Jardim, style and trends expert at Lowe's, that are sure to leave your neighbours with curb envy.


Adding a place to sit, drink coffee and enjoy your view might make all the difference. Insert a new reading nook onto your patio with a great outdoor sofa or swing accompanied by the perfect side table and you'll soon find yourself spending more time outside than in.


Build an inviting walkway with a sophisticated and lush landscape of annuals, perennials and shrubs. Walkways are also a terrific way to draw attention to your front door. Use plants, low-voltage landscape lighting or beautiful patio stones to draw guests forward.

A Pop of Colour

Trying to give your home a facelift? A pop of colour is an economical way to redecorate and add some new personality. Whether it's a fresh coat or a new colour, adding paint to your front door, trim or shutters can make a big impact on your outdoor aesthetic and liven up your space.

New Hardware

Remember that a little fine-tuning brings everything together. New hardware is easy and can quickly modernize your home. Consider a new mailbox, door knob or address numbers for a complete revitalization.

Let The Sun Shine In

The easiest change you can make is to clean up the space. Use a power washer to extract dirt and grime from your windows, driveway, porch and gutters to brighten your home's interior and exterior. A crisp, clean sparkle is the best accessory you can find.

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